Monday, 7 October 2013

Next Hair Appointment

This is my lion mane.  

Long ago were the days of my neat haircut.  I need another one.  Soon.

Here are some choices (and yes, I am ready to commit all the way):

1. I want my bangs to cover part of my face so I can blow it off like 'fffbbt!" and look all cool and what not.

2.  I like the dainty waves and the ash brown color.  If I don't get the cut, I'd really want the color.

3.  If I go ebony black, then I would look so cool and edgy like I'm ready to take over the world.  (I have an active imagination).

4.  I thought this was a nicer version of Justin Bieber's hair.  Hehehe!  But seriously I like the cut and the color (because I'm currently abhorring the orangey-blond/brown look), although I am fearful of the maintenance.  But if we don't risk, then we'd never have fun, right?  

Which one?  Which one?
1, 2, 3, 4?

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