Sunday, 28 July 2013

Saipan 2013

That's right-- Saipan.  I did not misspell Spain.  :)

Just in case you didn't know where Saipan is, it is part of the Mariana Island archipelago, located north of Guam.  You would have to travel by plane for 50 minutes.  The one we rode was so tiny that my friends and I would joke that it was our private plane.  ^__^

I went there for work- Pacific Educational Conference.  It was a great learning experience.  We also presented.  But the best part was bonding with my co-workers and by the end of the trip, we were friends. ^__^

Saipan is a beautiful island, and it is much cleaner and more quaint than Guam.  Going there really felt like going to the countryside, where there aren't any large buildings and my friends would find these little houses that were actually stores known for famous local treats like apigigi (dessert like rice cake) and ice keki (popsicle).  It was such a cute place.  But after doing most of the tourist-y things, we were like, "We miss Guam!  We miss the Mall!  We miss GPO!  We miss the restaurants back home!"  T^T

Mandatory bathroom shot.  I'm so neat ^_^
Mt. Tapochau
We forced our rental Corolla to do 4x4 off-roading feats to get to the summit of this mountain.  Poor car T-T  
Bird Island
Unlike Guam, Saipan still has its native birds. Sadly, Guam's native birds have nearly been annihilated by snakes brought in by (I'm guessing) US military ships at the end of WWII.
A nearly perfect symmetry
My no make-up face.  This was at the American Memorial Park.
Banzai Cliff
This was the site of where many Japanese soldiers committed suicide by jumping off the cliff when they learned of the Americans advancing and winning in the War in the Pacific during WWII.  Today, all that remains are memorials erected in the memory of those who died.  You will also hear the thundering surf pounding against the cove.
Russian apple pie for dessert.
I tried Russian cuisine for the first time in Saipan.  I had a beef soup called solianka before this dessert.   

That's all for now, friends!
Good night! ^_^

Friday, 26 July 2013

As Yellow As Minions

My little sister said that every toy store that she's gone to were out of stock with their Minion (from Despicable Me 2) paraphernalia.  Aww shucks...

But guess what?  I have Minion complexion on my clothing!  Specifically my shorts.  And I am in love with them!  Bright colored shorts are definitely summertime staple.  ^_^

Pastel Coordinates
Pastel sweater from Esprit, yellow shorts from Esprit, mint green studded flats from Nine West, and colorful stack bracelet from Forever 21.
I love this shimmery pastel sweater from Esprit.  It would be great for Guam's cooler weather-
which is not until the next five months  ^^;;

Vivid Coordinates
Royal blue top from Everblue, yellow shorts from Esprit, black studded flats from Nine West, and faux sapphire earrings from Le Fleur 
I think I should have fixed my inside shirt XD  Anyway what I love about this blouse-
and is very unlikely of me- are the golden skull buttons.  I didn't know until after
the purchase but I warmed up to them.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Reflection on Gardens in the Bible

Hi everyone,

I wrote this on my Facebook page and I thought it was worth to share here also ^.^


The first and the greatest spiritual battles happened in gardens- both were the battle of whether man's or God's will be done. 
In the first garden, where Adam and Eve had all the comforts and happyness that God intended for His creation- where all was good- surrendered to their human will. "Man's will be done" brought death to the rest of humanity.
Some millennia later, the Man-God kneels in prayer in another garden, very much aware of His destiny and in honest despair in His Spirit, cried out "Take this cup away from me." Perhaps, He knew that He had the power to command an army of angels to rescue Him from the God-forsakenness He was about to face. But man's will did not win that night. "Not my will but Your will be done." In that garden, when the Christ said that, dare I say, He had redeemed what happened in the first garden and took the step to win the battle for our souls, our lives, our destiny. 

*Bible verse: Luke 22:24 "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; but not my will but yours be done.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Poem: "It's not that the grapes are sour"

It's not that the grapes are sour
It's just that you're no wine for me
Such as in that wedding feast twenty centuries ago
"You saved the best for last!" they exclaimed
But you're neither the last nor the best for me.

It's not that I've found another
Not that I was really looking
When I came upon this pearl of great price
I just HAD to give up everything to have it
But you're no wise investment for me.

It's that I've simply moved on
A foot in front of the other
I bid you adieu, I bid you farewell-
hoped you the best and I meant it!
Because when I let you go I made room for
the One who had made me His sweet wine and His precious pearl
The One who's so good for me.


Real Life Sundays, ed. 30

I had the most glorious time with my friends yesterday.  We had a little BBQ at the beach at NOON!  Which is pretty incredible for me because I am not an outdoors-y person and I dislike basking in the HOT sun for various reasons- wrinkles, tan, sweat, cancer, etc.  *shudder*  I commend those who do outdoor things for fun but I am my own Pillsbury dough girl...

Anyway, how did I ever enjoy our BBQ?  I love my friends!  They really are some of the greatest people one will ever meet.  ^0^  I also enjoyed because of this thing called "Veggie Kabob" and the ocean was shallow and crystal-like.  When it met with the sand and the sky, it was just the prettiest picture.  So, protected by my large hat and our tent, I was able to enjoy all these.

Then at night, I watched The Lone Ranger with my true-to-life cowboy friend.  It was interesting to watch with him because he knows these horse-and-rider dynamics that would have flown over my head had he not explained them.  Plus, I think he's also a smart person so he catches some of the nuances in the film.

Just wanted to share some info about my friend: he is here as a missionary, and what I like about him is that he has these "cowboy manners" (is that what they're called?) where he stands up when a lady enters the room and possesses this calm and gentle demeanor.  I have such great guy-friends!  Why in the world are they still single???

Why am I still single???  (^.~)  Bwaha!

Also, I have a couple of photos from the bonfire last Friday.  It was such a good event in which God would show Himself so faithful and true.  He even gave us a few miracles!  Great night.  Great night.

Anyway, here are them photos:

Friday: Bonfire
The setting sun painted the ocean like watercolor- splashing it with soft pinks, blue,
and silver- while a rainbow-shaped cloud framed it to perfection.
It was captivating beyond words.
Saturday: cleaning up the storage room in our house.  Look what I found!  High school
Sunday: Beach BBQ
Words that I never thought could come together.  This tastes awesome!
How to: grill carrots, eggplants, and bell peppers on a stick.  Sprinkle with
coconut oil and salt. :9 
Please don't end 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Stop Doing That: Asking, "What app is that?"


This may be the dumbest post I will ever write on this blog and by the end of this, you may think me to be a selfish girl.

You've been warned.


Artists do not like sharing their brushes, paint, and other supplies with others, and especially with non-artists.  Sure, they may want to share their paintings with the entire universe but they are not usually as open with sharing their supplies and their techniques.  Those who do so are either selling a book or are just really kind.  Is this a fact?  Look around.

I, for one, take no pleasure in sharing my art stuff and my photo editing apps.  I simply DO NOT like sharing these things.  My blatant disregard of questions, "What app is that? What app is that?" should hint such people that I am in no mood for sharing.  

So, am I saying that I am artist?  Yes, I am.  If you like looking at my photos, then doesn't that make me an artist to some degree?  Withholding such information is my privilege for being one.

Am I being mean?  I am nice.  In fact, I am one of the nicest people you're ever going to meet.  I will share my food, money, drink, photos, which store I buy my make-up from, etc., but because I update my photo apps and make the research on my own, which are a piece-of-cake to do, then you should take the initiative and effort to do the same if you are really eager.

In conclusion, please don't ask me, "What app is that?"  I really dislike seeming like the mean gal but I will not answer and it's nothing personal.  Let's leave it at that.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Poems I Found in a Coffee Shop♥

Coffee shops are magical places.


I found these two less-than-pretty paintings hanging on the wall of a coffee shop I happened to waltz into.

But the poems written on them were entirely pretty.  I thought I'd shared them with you.  The poems are written by Brian Andreas.

"I was waiting for such a long time, she said. I thought you forgot. 
It's hard to forget I said, 
when there is such an empty space when you are gone." 

"As long as the sun shall rise goes the old lover's vow, 
but we are children of a scientific age and have no time for poetry.
 Still, I offer a quiet prayer of thanks for the sunlight 
each time I see your face."

Poem: "I could have written a poem tonight"

I could have written a poem tonight
But chose not to
I could have chosen to share my heart
But this "organ of fire" may set forests ablaze and burn bridges
And I cannot have that

I would have written a song tonight
But decided against it
I would have sung it to you during one of my lonely nights
But I know that you would have laughed 
And I cannot bear that

I should have just finished my mundane task tonight
But I figured to let my heart speak 
I should someday make this right
But as of tonight, I quieted the could have, would have, and should have
Someday, I will do this right
Because if I don't, then I cannot live with that.


Poem written by me!

Birthday and Stuff

It was my birthday last week.

My only wish for gifts was to spend time with people I love.  I did not want more cosmetics, kawaii stuff, and expensive anything because I really am content.  Memories with my friends and family was enough for me.  ^_^  I am not as young anymore so I think I reached the end of "gimme this" stage.

How dramatic of me!

But I mean it.  God has been good to me, you know...

Currently, I've been really busy with preparation for an off-island conference I have to go to for work.  I am also now part of a bi-weekly bonfire.  The original planner of the bonfires has gone to Australia for his vacation, AND the other guy who was supposed to help me has gone to the mainland for vacation, too.  So, I- the only girl- was left with organizing it.  When I heard that they were both leaving me, I took a deep breath,

smiled at the both of them, and said, "Ok, this is what I need from the both of you."

What I love about new situations and challenges is God showing Himself so much bigger than all these situations and challenges unfailingly!  A force to be reckoned with indeed!

(And just an aside, meeting the guy who went to Australia makes me thankful that I am a girl because he is a beautiful guy and if I too were a guy standing next to him, then I would feel self-conscious and wish that I shouldn't have skipped gym so that I would be as cool as him.  Bwahahaha!  Ok... whatever...  Anyway, he is such a passionate and compassionate person, too.  He helps homeless people and gives them a place to stay.  What a weirdo!  //^.^//)

So, that's it for now.

Fringe is hot!  I mean literally... 
Sister bought me this kawaii bag from Japan.  I like it a lot
 because it looks so cute with my teddy bears. 
I found this app in which you can stamp inspirational quotes.  It has really cute
text stamps also, like "2 peas in a pod" and "it's just different with you." 
Tapioca pearls sounds much nicer than tapioca _____.

We're all in that same artistic boat