Friday, 30 December 2011

Nail Polish Review: Essie in Sexy Divide

 :\  I have a problem...  I can't keep my nail polish on for more than three days without them chipping.  Sheesh.  I don't know what back breaking work I do why they end up ugly so quickly.  Oh well... on to the review of this nail polish I am currently crazy about:

Essie in Sexy Divide
5/5  And it's not because I am very generous with the scores.  This is the sexiest purple I have ever seen ^O^  It's a really gorgeous color, like a shining crystal eggplant.  (Is that sexy or what?  haha!)
5/5  It's just fantastic ^_^  The formula is thick enough so that it covers the nail very well, yet it dries fast.  It's really shiny, too, somewhat of a patent-leather finish.  Heart~ ♥
5/5 4/5  I've no problem with the brush although it's unlike O.P.I.'s wide brushes.  Still, it serves it's purpose, which is good enough for me. 
(Correction: my little sister said that Essie brush is not good enough, that I am too generous and that O.P.I.'s Prowide brushes are the only ones worthy of perfect score. Ha!) 
5/5  I am in love ♡_♡  I bought mine from K-Mart for $7.99 each, which may seem a bit much but since Essie is sold in other stores for $10.00, I don't think it's as burdensome.  I think Essie also specializes in French and pastel colors, but I chose this shade because I like rock-and-roll on my nails. v(^.^)v

Aiiee!  This photo does Essie no justice.  T_T  But I guarantee it's a nice color!

In Lilacism and Sexy Divide
Until we meet again, folks!  ^_^  I'm trying to get as many reviews as possible before work starts for me again.  By that time, I don't think I'd be as capable with posting...  Huu~ ;(  The bright side, work is a blessing from God and without it I wouldn't have dinero to buy things to review.  :D

Meow Meow Meow

Funny kitty, stuck in my cat trap~  =^-^=  Harharhar!  :D

♥ ♥ ♥
Got a new car yesterday ^3^  His name is Mack for no good reason, really.  I really like the color, and even more so because I saved a lot of money with it.  :)

Pa and Ma enjoying the ride.  I need to get tint soon ^^

Mack says, "Hi!"
I am the biggest chicken in driving.  I would rather not if I had a choice.  I am working on courage, though... Hehehe!  Actually, I made our other car do the Italian Job jump and damaged it even before it got its first oil change.  Wah!  I had to fork over $400 and my dad pitched in $150 for mechanic service.  T_T  Cars are expensive buggers, but they're a necessity here on Guam because public transportation is not something you can count on.

Nail Polish Review: Revlon Scented Parfume in Gumdrop

Two of my greatest interests in beauty are nail color and nail art.  I am currently wearing a very nice purple color from Essie, in Sexy Divide, and I am loving it!  I hope to write a review soon.  Perhaps, tonight? ;)
I do my own manicure and pedicure because I don't want to spend too much money and I like to change my nail color often, once a week at least.  The image below is a sample of the work I've done.

This review is on Revlon Scented Parfume in Gumdrop.  I really like lilac, so here's my take on the product:
5/5  It's lilac!  And this shade is actually pleasant.  It makes my nails look dainty and fun! :)
4/5  Revlon's formula is pretty thin in comparison with Essie and The Faceshop.  I like my formula thicker so there would be fewer layering of colors and thus, a quicker drying time.  However, I really like this scented series because the formula makes my nails smell so sweet, like candies and fruits! ^-^
2/5  The brush is super important!  And I think Revlon did not really consider this.  :(  I have to give them this score because their brush is so skinny.  If you've tried O.P.I., there is a huge difference with the brush width.  Revlon's skinny brushes do not hold as much paint, making the application more limited and more difficult.  :(
3/5  The paint is really decent, but the brush kills it for me.  Let's hope that Revlon will take a look at their brushes and improve on the design.

Just a bit left! T_T  Clumsy me...
The pink nail color is from The Faceshop (their nail polishes
are of wonderful quality and really inexpensive). 

P.S.  Had to buy Essie in Lilacism because I spilled my Gumdrop all over the carpet.  T___T  Boohoo!  Had to clean it up hard, but at least my fingers were smelling like candy!

The Serenity Prayer

Something of more pith for today.  :)  I've been going through a lot these past three months so I've written these words earlier on my Facebook.  I hope it encourages someone else, too, as it's been encouraging to me.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."  --Reinhold Niebuhr
Leaving all in God's hand is neither fatalism nor apathy. Rather it is wisdom, peace, and COURAGE.
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths." Proverbs 3, 5-6

God bless all of you who need wisdom and courage, too.  May you find what you are seeking in Christ. :)

Geo Tricolor Blue Review

Good evening, everyone!  
Before I get back on the grind of working on lesson plans and correcting test papers, I would like to do at least one more post. ^_^
This will be my very first circle lens review (Yay~) and this pair I bought from  If you're into Asian cosmetics and circle lenses, then this shop is really worth checking out.  Shipment and service are great, too!  I try to give them as many reviews as I can to give credit where credit is due. ☺

Geo Tricolor Blue Review
First, the packaging from Shoppingholics is really nice.  I have no photo here but surely you'll find them in other blogs.
2/5  They show up fine with my dark brown eyes.  They're neither very bright nor obvious with the first glance but with proper lighting, they can be a bit more noticeable.
5/5  Don't be afraid of the the pixelated design on the ad photo because they really look natural against the eyes in person.
2/5  These pair will not enlarge the eyes much, but I am more for the natural look so that's fine with me.
5/5  Highly comfortable!  I am a bit naughty and wear them for quite a long time (which I do not recommend, whatsoever) but my eyes hardly dry out.
5/5 For everything that these lenses offer.  I've found them more of a pro because of the comfort.  I think they look really pretty, too. ^_^
Free rose cases~  너무예뻐~ ^_^

These days my eyes are often tired, and thus the redness :(
My doctor said to keep off contacts at least once a week
(and I blame the length I use contacts a day), even with my Acuvues. 

All taken with natural light.  How hard to see the color!  :(
Lastly, (sorry for my gabbiness), I'm planning to buy a new camera in a couple of months.  My point-and-shoot (Samsung) has been a great tool and we have formed a bond, but I need to move on (sorry, dear T_T).  Do you have any recommendations? Talk to me below.   Thanks!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Island Girl

It's my first post and hopefully the first impression is a decent one.
So... As proper introductions are supposed to go, I am Ruthee Cee, and this is my first blog in
a long while, and blogs for school projects do not count. I have been a Guam girl for most of my life now, although I was born in the Philippines (which I desire to visit soon. Huu-huu... T^T)

What in the world is Guam, you may ask? Well, it's the largest island in Micronesia and it's near the deepest part of the earth's surface- the Marianas Trench. Guam is really not as backward as one would like to think of any island paradise. Despite the near abundance of boonies (jungles), it is actually pretty modernized, especially because it is a tourist destination (with about a million tourists from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan visiting every year) and because Guam has been a U.S. base since the end of the Spanish-American War and an official territory since after WWII. From what I've heard, Guam has even more infrastructure than Fiji, and somehow, everyone's heard of Fiji. :)

Here are some photos of the beauty that is Guam. Enjoy! :D
Sitting beneath this pink flowering tree.  Actually, it was so pleasant, I
ended up lying down. :)

Freshwater Cave

Flower found only on Guam, nowhere else in the world.

Flower found only in my Ma's garden (it's a result of cross-pollination).

The center of the tourism industry: Tumon.

Beautiful beach!  Lots to do!  I personally like snorkeling ^_^
Fish are so beautiful.

Guam Latte Stones

Christmas thingee-majerg at my Dad's work.