Monday, 7 October 2013

He Lives in Us

Something I thought about and posted on Facebook for those who are missing the devotionals.

(3 posts tonight!  Hooray!  Met my quota for the month :) )


No, no, no my friend. The Old Testament God is unlike the Eastern gods who are too high up on their thrones, that they wouldn't take the time to love a sinner like you. Nor the Western gods who are greatly flawed and fallible. Jehovah is higher than any of those gods, never flawed never fallible yet has taken the time to express, "I've loved you with an everlasting love and my thoughts for you are as numerous as the sand by the sea." And this unchanging God carried on with this love to the New Testament with Christ who died for us and the Holy Spirit who now lives within us so that He can always make Himself available to us. (There's more, but just bear with the simplicity of this sentence.)

Because He lives in us, all the more we have the power to sin no more nor be overcome by the devil. Also, His promises are fulfilled: that He is our ever constant help in time of need, that He would dwell with His people, that He will never leave us nor forsake us, that we can never hide from His love.

Next Hair Appointment

This is my lion mane.  

Long ago were the days of my neat haircut.  I need another one.  Soon.

Here are some choices (and yes, I am ready to commit all the way):

1. I want my bangs to cover part of my face so I can blow it off like 'fffbbt!" and look all cool and what not.

2.  I like the dainty waves and the ash brown color.  If I don't get the cut, I'd really want the color.

3.  If I go ebony black, then I would look so cool and edgy like I'm ready to take over the world.  (I have an active imagination).

4.  I thought this was a nicer version of Justin Bieber's hair.  Hehehe!  But seriously I like the cut and the color (because I'm currently abhorring the orangey-blond/brown look), although I am fearful of the maintenance.  But if we don't risk, then we'd never have fun, right?  

Which one?  Which one?
1, 2, 3, 4?

Real Life Sundays, ed. 32

In the famous words of a wise, ancient dragon:

So, hi y'all!  

I am alive and kicking.  But not kicking very high because I am currently sick :'(  I haven't been sick like this- dry cough, cold, swollen sinus- in a long time.  But I have been pushing myself quite hard this semester.  

My life currently involves work for 8 hours, followed by graduate classes on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and I need a weekend from my weekends because I am doing back-to-back ministries helping out a youth group and serving and attending church.  I have never complained, and this is not a complaint, mind you.  I am simply telling the story of my life for the past month and a half.  Despite the strength that I feel in my mind and spirit, my body couldn't keep up.  Plus, there's a bug going around.  So, I am calling in sick tomorrow to shake off the last of this cough and cold.  And that's why I can blog a bit tonight.  :)

I am really excited despite this hectic schedule!  Since I was a wee one, I really wanted to get my Master's long before I'm 30, and that's what I'm working for now :)   


I am currently in love with this Filipino restaurant that my sister and I have been frequenting, that we would drive for 25 minutes to get to it: Ben N Yan's!!  Slurp!!

Photo time!  
[Insert cliché: don't say I didn't warn ya; get ready to drool; gastronomical adventures (this so deserves a derp face because it's soooo pretentious)]

Clockwise from top left: sisig, crispy pork snout marinated with chili sauce served on a sizzling plate (dis da BOMB!); pinakbet, a medley of veggies sauteed with shrimp paste, shrimp, and pork; and oxtail kare-kare, savory peanut butter based sauce with bokchoy and tripe (dis also da BOMB!); pagkain means food in Tagalog. 

It's a shame that I used to snob Filipino restaurants because apparently, when your mom is a wonderful cook, you think that she's the only cook.  Haha!  But Ben N Yan's has an inviting, presentable interior with delicious food.  (Sadly, some Filipino restaurants look so cheap-o :( )

Another of my food loves is Cookie Spread. ♥♥♥ 
My family and I can finish a jar in a week!  

Stahp it!  Stahp it some more! XD
Didn't watermark it.  Go ahead~  I'm willing to share the love♥

This entry is not only about goodies for the tummy.  I also have one photo of a goody for my face:

SK-II has finally arrived on Guam at the DFS in Tumon.  Heard it had a cult following.  Had to try it.  :) 

And if Ben N Yan's and the arrival of SK-II did not already attract you to Guam, ;)  here is an article by BBC to further peak your interest: BBC Travel: Guam.

Anyway, I do not promise that Guam is paradise.  Some people I know have come and go: had a blast for a year or two but then became bored after that and have been itching to go.  I've always wondered the reason for that...  I am not bored because I am always busy here, although I feel the occasional wanderlust.  I guess this is my home, that's why.  Yes, that must be it: the idea of making Guam home.