Monday, 7 October 2013

Real Life Sundays, ed. 32

In the famous words of a wise, ancient dragon:

So, hi y'all!  

I am alive and kicking.  But not kicking very high because I am currently sick :'(  I haven't been sick like this- dry cough, cold, swollen sinus- in a long time.  But I have been pushing myself quite hard this semester.  

My life currently involves work for 8 hours, followed by graduate classes on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and I need a weekend from my weekends because I am doing back-to-back ministries helping out a youth group and serving and attending church.  I have never complained, and this is not a complaint, mind you.  I am simply telling the story of my life for the past month and a half.  Despite the strength that I feel in my mind and spirit, my body couldn't keep up.  Plus, there's a bug going around.  So, I am calling in sick tomorrow to shake off the last of this cough and cold.  And that's why I can blog a bit tonight.  :)

I am really excited despite this hectic schedule!  Since I was a wee one, I really wanted to get my Master's long before I'm 30, and that's what I'm working for now :)   


I am currently in love with this Filipino restaurant that my sister and I have been frequenting, that we would drive for 25 minutes to get to it: Ben N Yan's!!  Slurp!!

Photo time!  
[Insert cliché: don't say I didn't warn ya; get ready to drool; gastronomical adventures (this so deserves a derp face because it's soooo pretentious)]

Clockwise from top left: sisig, crispy pork snout marinated with chili sauce served on a sizzling plate (dis da BOMB!); pinakbet, a medley of veggies sauteed with shrimp paste, shrimp, and pork; and oxtail kare-kare, savory peanut butter based sauce with bokchoy and tripe (dis also da BOMB!); pagkain means food in Tagalog. 

It's a shame that I used to snob Filipino restaurants because apparently, when your mom is a wonderful cook, you think that she's the only cook.  Haha!  But Ben N Yan's has an inviting, presentable interior with delicious food.  (Sadly, some Filipino restaurants look so cheap-o :( )

Another of my food loves is Cookie Spread. ♥♥♥ 
My family and I can finish a jar in a week!  

Stahp it!  Stahp it some more! XD
Didn't watermark it.  Go ahead~  I'm willing to share the love♥

This entry is not only about goodies for the tummy.  I also have one photo of a goody for my face:

SK-II has finally arrived on Guam at the DFS in Tumon.  Heard it had a cult following.  Had to try it.  :) 

And if Ben N Yan's and the arrival of SK-II did not already attract you to Guam, ;)  here is an article by BBC to further peak your interest: BBC Travel: Guam.

Anyway, I do not promise that Guam is paradise.  Some people I know have come and go: had a blast for a year or two but then became bored after that and have been itching to go.  I've always wondered the reason for that...  I am not bored because I am always busy here, although I feel the occasional wanderlust.  I guess this is my home, that's why.  Yes, that must be it: the idea of making Guam home.  

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