Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Real Life Sunday, ed. 12

Ok, you got to get yourselves ready because I'm about to flood you with food photos!  (Well, 3 photos- not really a flood... Heh!) :D  Let's hope you already ate so you don't end up licking your screen.

18 side dishes, I tell ya!  18!  O.o

You must see the view!

We got our burgers on.  My favorite is the Umami burger with its "sauce is
boss" (top right).

My partner in crime and I dared to go sans-make-up.  
The following are miscellaneous things:

Received my package in the mail.  Shoppingholics got one of my orders
wrong...  Received Brown EOS Adult Brown, rather than Grey.  I'm not
going to throw a hissyfit about it, especially since they treat me so well and
I pretty much love them to pieces.

Ominous, yet so beautiful, storm clouds rapidly coming in the horizon.  Gotta
love Guam's vast skies.  Thank You, God, I live here!

Red lips make girls feel so pretty.

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