Thursday, 1 March 2012

Winter Nails Products and Tutorial

Hello Friends!

I have been quite sick lately.  I caught a bit of that bug that's been going around and I have been feeling really groggy-froggy even at work.  But I am really thankful that this bug didn't become like a flu like my sister's did.  ):

I just wanted to share what I used for my winter nails from the photo I posted last week.

This is really simple to do: you just need a frosty white nail color, blue glitter polish, top coat, and nail gems:

  • I began with OPI Nail Laquer in "Happy Anniversary!"- a frosty white shade reminiscent of snow :)  Coat your nails 3 times to make it opaque.
  • Follow with 1 coat of the glitter polish halfway up your nails from the tip.  I used OPI in "Simmer and Shimmer".
  • Apply another coat of the glitter only on the tip of your nails for the gradient effect.
  • Place gem stones on the tip of your nail with a pair of tweezer for that extra sparkle!  I only put on my thumb and ring finger.
  • Seal your hard work with top coat! :D

Left to Right: Gemstones, OPI Nail Lacquer in "Happy Anniversary!",
OPI Nail Lacquer in "Simmer and Shimmer," and OPI RadiDry Top Coat

Gemstones I found from $1.99 store

I hope my instructions were clear ^^  Enjoy your manicure!

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