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Innisfree Real Skin Color Control Cream Review

What's it gonna be?

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I read that it will depend on your needs, however, the difference between BB Creams and CC Creams is very subtle.  Personally, I thinks it's a marketing scheme (how naughty of me!)

According to and from personal experiences, BB Cream provides a heavier coverage whereas CC Cream gives a lighter, more natural finish.  BOTH are for brightening, anti-aging, moisturizing, and sun-protection.

So, here we are, with the luxury to actually try out any one of these products.  And after contemplating of which CC Cream to purchase, I decided on Innisfree Real Skin Color Control SPF 30 PA++ from Cosmetic-Love and is wonderfully affordable at $18.43.

It claims:
"... contained with magic color capsules modifies and adjusts to your natural skin tone on contact, creating a vibrant healthy glow."*
 Other benefits:

  • Brightens skin with Jeju camellia ingredient
  • Creates a protective veil to moisturize skin all day long
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Smoothly adheres to skin to create a flawless look**

The Good:
  • Reasonably priced at less than $20 at Cosmetic-Love website.
  • Light herbal scent- not like perfume
  • Very lightweight
  • Color changes to match your skin tone
  • Significantly brightens the skin, giving off a dewy finish
  • No ashiness
  • Stays on for nearly the entire day
  • SPF and anti-aging benefits
The Bad:
  • Its dewiness can look greasy (which can be fixed with powder)
  • Very light coverage
My skin has not reacted negatively with this product, such as pimples.  I feel that the ingredients are really natural because it does not smell like perfume and it feels very light on my skin.  Because I am recently not breaking out, I just put this CC Cream on and counter the dewy finish with loose powder.  Update: I am not very satisfied with it, however, because of it's too light coverage.

Left: CC cream goes on white.  Right: Matches the skin tone when blended well.   There is more brightness as compared to the area without the product.

Left: A very naked face- trouble areas are the glabella, dark circles, and redness around the nose.  Right: There really isn't much of a difference because of the CC cream's light coverage but it did make my face brighter and fairer.
To make some sense of my bare, lack-luster face, I put on concealer, loose powder, and a bunch of other potions on my face. :)

I will list down the other products I used here on another post.  Many of them were from my Cosmetic-Love haul. :)

Have a good day! 

*InnisFree Real Skin Color Control Cream box
**Korea Department Store website

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