Thursday, 27 June 2013

Real Life Sundays, ed. 29

*Takes a deep breath*

Summer is in the air!  And it's vacation!  Lovely lovely lovely

Well, I've actually been on summer break since 3 weeks ago.  Hahaha!  You know how I am and my 3 reasons as to why I have not been blogging:

  1. I'm too busy.
  2. I'm too lazy.
  3. I just don't wanna.
During my first week of vacation, I was on jury duty.  It's an interesting experience because it's my first time but definitely mind-numbing.  I was so good and patient my first day of sitting for nearly 8 hours, listening to the attorneys repeat their questions to each one of the multitudes of the jury selection attendees.  But after my second day, you should have heard me gripe!  My brain was so numb, I could not feel my scalp anymore.  I am not exaggerating at all!  I prayed and I prayed to be dismissed.  And how I will end this story is that God listens and now I am free to blog about my fantastic life.  :D

Second week was meetings upon meetings and networking with people to organize united church bonfires.  Super fun but I was fighting a lot of discouraging thoughts.  The battle is always first in the mind.  But thank God that everything fell through smoothly.

Anyway, I am planning to blog a little more often than just once a month for this summer break.  Hehehe!  Really can't wait to getting with that CC Cream review and some beauty tips that I've learned recently.  But although it's summer, my weeks are pretty jam-packed.  So, I guess we all will just have to wait after all... =S  

That's all for now~

Ooooh~ but first let me show you my cool photos to see what's up with me.

My Pa's birthday evening.  The beach here has the softest sand ^_^

Sister went to Japan- gave her about $100 to buy me my cosmetics.

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