Monday, 16 January 2012

Geo Honey Wing Review

A trip down memory lane:
A long, long time ago, when I first had only an inkling about circle lenses, I ended up at and was mesmerized at their wide selection!  It took a bit of a deep and eager deliberation before I chose my first pairs.  Somehow, I really liked Geo Honey Wing and ordered that along with Geo Angel Violet (will be another review).  I was really appreciative to Honeycolor for their service especially that they ship to Guam at a sensible price, which is always a plus for me!

**Heh!  I tried to make it sound pretty dramatic.  But that was kind of like the experience :P

Geo Honey Wing Review

4/5  The color is really not the easiest to see but that's quite alright.  Sometimes, I DO wish it would be a tad bit more obvious :/
4/5  When I first fell in love♥ with these, I thought that the design was very pretty.  I like the design still and I think it looks nice in person.  However, it may not photograph as well because sometimes it looks a bit... how can I put it?... Reptile-looking.  ~----->~
3/5  :)  This really brings me back since I've tried larger lenses :D  I used to think that these were BIG! ^0^  Now, as a more mature circle lens consumer, I understand that these deserve only a 3, which is good for me!  I opt for more natural sizes, anyway.  Also, the broken line pattern on the limbal ring makes the enlargement even more subtle.
4/5  They felt pretty comfortable the very first time I've tried them.  They can be a bit drying though, and there were good days and bad days.  There were times I wouldn't feel them in my eyes, and then there were others when they felt dry and scratchy. D;
4/5 Sentiments aside for being my first lenses, these lenses are still a good choice ^^d  Points off for comfort and those other things, but not enlargement for me.  If that's important to you, then it's something to think about more :)

Taken last year while slightly considering blogging :D

2nd pair but they're still unopened... 
Too cute packaging from Shoppingholics!!  :3

Did a test run in my box with my not-too-souped-up point-and-shoot.  I think it's alright for the first try ;) Still learning lighting and other camera settings.   I'll get better, yah?  Yah!!!  \(^0^)/