Sunday, 25 November 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed 21

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am amazingly late.  But I am forgiven, yes?  Thank you!

I've been resting for a while from my blog but since it's a four-day weekend, here I am again.  (*^___^* Love that about being a teacher.)  I've been missing the blogging scene because the school I am working with is going to be accredited this school year and there's a lot of scrambling to get things done.  To borrow a running analogy, we (as in, co-workers and I) have been so eager for this "water stop," and then we will soon be running for the next vacay---- CHRISTMAS!  Between then and now, it'll be crazy busy again.  Anyway, until that business hits me like an inevitable storm, I'll enjoy the last 32 hours of this weekend the best I can.  SHOUT!

This was taken last week at a birthday party.  Loved the food! ♥♥♥
Ate like I've never eaten before.  :9  Mother, do not be ashamed of me.  Hehehe!
New iPhone case came this week within <1 week of shipping.  May it not blind you
with its awesomeness!
Meet the newest addition to our family- Kobe!☺ Kobe is a very sweet, good-natured
girl who is ready to defend her family.  Watch out! 
Doodling away at work... 
This is my little sister and I love her.♡  We dated last night because I'm single and
she's in an LDR.  Anyway, there doesn't have to be an occasion or a reason to date
a sister: it's simply, just because ^__^
Whipped cream tutu
Corny, I know!
Black and white is so drama.

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