Sunday, 25 November 2012

EOS Ice Green Review

Is the circle lens trend getting old yet?  Well, I certainly hope not because a bunch of them look so pretty on me.  Hehehe!  (Whatever to myself...)

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that green looks fabulous on me.  I am not kidding as you'll see later.  And I am currently in love with EOS Ice Green.  So in love that I've decided that I must write a review on it although I've only owned it for 2 days.  And, if I change any opinions about these lenses, I'll be sure to update you, folks!  ^_^

Usage modality:  Yearly
Base curve:  8.8 mm
Diameter:  14.8 mm
Water content:  38%

4/5  In my opinion, the color shows up quite well with my brown eyes.  However, this will still depend on the lighting.

5/5  The design is unique and is not very unnatural because the limbal ring is not thick.  

4/5  These lenses will make the eyes larger quite significantly.  After all, they are 14.8 mm in diameter.  But because of the absence of a thick limbal ring, Ice Green won't give off an alien-look.  To know how I try to rate lens sizes objectively, click on Frosty the Snowman: 

4/5  Comfortable!  My other pair of EOS, which were the Adult Brown series, blurred my vision.  BUT EOS Ice is an entirely different story.  I really like it because it keeps my vision clear.  However, it became dry after only a few hours.  I will update this review when I feel that this has changed.  I've worn these lenses for one time only.

4/5  I really like these lenses, and because I feel that the too-large, dolly eye trend is dying down,  I am glad that these don't make me look too freakish.  They're decent too in terms of comfort.  By the way, Honeycolor is holding a free shipping promotion and a sale right now, so why not check them out and get yourself a pair at a discounted price!  ^____^ 

Drama shot!  ♥♥♥
Free cute piggy cases.  Asians know how to treat customers better than usual ^_^

Until next time, everyone!  And I promise a devo!  ^___^  Good night!

I conclude that it makes my eyes look buggy, but the color is so opaque and these lenses make me look so nice, I will remain a happy camper.



  1. > 3> I was just looking at these for my Hope Estheim cosplay and I wasn't too sure how well they looked since photoshop is too easily accessible these days..

    1. Hi Torie,
      I can honestly say that aside from adjusting lighting and color balance, I'm quite clueless when it comes to Photoshop, so I cannot really doctor my photos well. I hope this helps. ^__^