Monday, 24 December 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed. 24

It's almost Christmas ^____^  My favorite holiday of all!

Despite the rush and busyness of the week prior, there's always something warm, traditional, and peaceful at the core of the holiday.  No matter what we think about it, whether we celebrate it or not, we all long for love, kindness, peace, and family- values that are so descriptive of Christmas!  ^____^


The week before Christmas was very busy again, although not really at work because we did not have a Christmas carnival this year.  Rather it was all the personal Christmas preparations, with the break being so close to Christmas Day!  Last-minute shopping, packages that still haven't arrived, a wedding, lots of baking, a bunch of bills to pay, and parties, parties, parties!

Beautiful wedding and the weather remained so pretty and agreeable ^_^
Thank you, God!
My girly tree in pink and light blueI'm such the tree artiste ^.^
You know where I've been!
My decorations- all at 75% off at K-Mart!  Shout!  (^0^)
Incredibly yummy desserts at my cousin's graduation party :9
I got to spend some time with a bunch of my favorite things during these first days of vacay, which makes me feel more relaxed already.  
  • Morning prayers
  • Christmas carols
  • The Hobbit (twice already ^0^)
  • Fun.
  • Inception


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