Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Review

Am I late or what???

Doesn't matter if this was released a couple of years ago because I dare RAVE about it!

And I dare say, "Move over Fairy Drops!"

Because I found a new love!  .

(I don't sound so faithful, at all...  Hehehe!  Dumping these mascaras like stupid boyfriends-- not that I was cruel or had a lot of them, ok?  I've had FAR more mascaras!  :P)

Anyway, over share!  DX
Enough about me!  Let's get down to the star of the show!

Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Review

What it claims:
◉Waterproof and volume
◉Lashes stay curled and volume lasts for the whole day
◉Sweat-, water-, tear-, and grease-resistant
◉Dries fast so you wouldn't have to worry about smudging

This information was taken from Amazon.com, which I paraphrased.  ^_^  

5/5  Lightweight, build-able formula (but I don't think you'd want to go beyond two coats).  Does not clump and does not smudge (well, not noticeably).

Ease of Removal:
5/5  Considering its tenacity, it's quite easy to remove so you don't have to fight and tug on your lashes. (Yowch!)

5/5  Others claim that it gives more length than volume.  I have hardly-there lashes, and this mascara does wonders to them where they are fanned out and not clumped together.  Hence, my lashes look thicker and fuller.  Loves~

5/5  Super long lashes! that they may end up looking spidery.  So watch out!  One coat is all you need for an everyday look.

Tenacity/Lasting Power:
5/5  Amazing! It really delivers what it says!  I don't get panda eyes for the rest of the day.  BUT, one time, it did smudge on my lower lashes a bit.  If you are SUPER nit-picky, this may concern you... (-.-)

5/5  Totally intelligent design that would have you questioning, "Why aren't other mascaras like it?"  This brush really delivers because it does not clump my lashes but separates them without having them looking very sparse.  It allows the lashes to get complete coverage with the formula.  The little brush at the tip really helps to even coat my lower lashes.

Other concerns:
  This mascara can come off as flakes when you are removing it.  This is not a biggie for me but to others it is.  Oh well~
  Anyway, it is perfection.  5/5 in all categories!  Need I say more?  If this isn't, then I absolutely don't know what!

  The only down side is the frown in your wallet :(  Expensive!  But I've tried Lancome, Clinique, Cover Girl, and a bunch of others, and they aren't up to par... :S  With my little research, I found Dolly Wink to be cheapest at Sasa.com.  

  With all that said: an undeniable 5/5     ^.^<(Yay!)


R: Without  L:With
R: Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara  L: Dolly Wink Volume
One look, 2 mascaras :)

Try it out, and prove me right or... right!  ^0^


  1. wow the result is really good, volumizing and lengthening xD

    1. Definitely! I think I'm getting luckier and luckier with this mascara-hunt. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by, Rini! :)