Sunday, 11 March 2012

Only the Moon...

HI! ^0^ 

I had a great day and that's something really nice to hear, isn't it?  That is why I just had to greet you all with a nice heartfelt "Hi!", wishing that the same is with you~ ♥♥♥

As you've seen in the post prior to this, I went to Häagen Daz ice cream cafe(?) for a date...

...With my sisters!  'Twas my treat~ ^____^  (Heehee!)  And we had a great time: being girls and being best friends.  I won't go into details of what we talked about, but being able to share topics other than the usual, everyday stuff was refreshing and profound.  I think it's part of the healing from a lot things that's happened in our lives.  And everything that we've gone through had been a blessing, although some of them were in disguise! :)

After that, we headed to our 언니's birthday party.  There was a lot of good food.  :D  However, some parts of the evening was spoiled by... (I'm awfully sorry to say this! >__<) a couple of uncontrollable kids.! I am sorry that I felt cross, but I've never seen so much energy used in dangerous and "un-conducive" ways.  And take my word for it, I've seen a lot of kids!  
I need to work on more patience, I understand that... but... parents, can you please help in not making this task so hard???  Please please please please! >.< Thank you!

On the way home, my spirit was a bit dampened because of that...  what could lift this spirit up again?

You would not guess this: the moon! 
The moon tonight and last night was the most beautiful thing.  I almost believed that the moon was closest to Guam than any other part of the world.  What we usually see as silver, shed her silver raiment and traded it for a gold one... :)  The moon has secrets she's never revealed to us before... ^__^
Also, the moon rabbit was clearer than it's ever been tonight.  And the stars!  The stars were singing the anthem of the Creator's glory.  They were bright because the sky was so clear. *sigh*  I am so in love with of all this!

Reminds me of my old choir song: "Only the Moon has Secrets."  

...But I couldn't find a decent recording on YouTube.  So, I'll leave you with this: 

Good night!  May the moon shine brightly wherever you are, too.  ^^


  1. Your blog is so cute ^_^ I don't have sisters so it must be nice to have sister times sometimes~

    1. Hi Diana! :) thank you for stopping by~

      Yes, it's nice to have sisters but sometimes it becomes a little too close for comfort. Hahaha!
      I hope you have a good week ^__^