Sunday, 11 March 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed. 5

I noticed that I didn't get to post one last week.

It's alright, yah?  Every Sunday is church, family time, then when evening comes I blog about it.  Nothing so exciting to post last time...  Thank you for keeping up with my rather normal life ^^;;
But this time is a little different because:

I straightened my hair!  :D  I don't really
like straightening my hair.  It takes so
much time!  I can't be high-
maintenance with everything!

After a loooooong time, I drew!  My sister said that she looks like a
cartoon when I was aiming for something a little more realistic.  -__-
But what can I do?  Tsubasa does look like a cartoon.

Concept for next week's review with Dolly
Wink in #10 Sweet Cat and #13 Baby Girl.
So, please, be watching out for that ^0^

Also, what's a little different this week is........ my new camera will be here!  I am so excited!  \(^0^)/  You know how long I've tried to be patient. T___T  So, next week will be my review of my other Dolly Wink eyelashes.  I think this will be a fitting task for my camera!

Until we meet again, dears!  Have a great week! ^_________^


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