Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring Cleaning and Circle Lens Review System


It's been a while- about a week since I last blogged.  I miss writing for you, guys!  ^-^

I'm cleaning my blog a bit: organizing the labels and planning for a new layout and logo.  I hope to finish all these during the Easter Break.  I didn't really have time recently because I've been spending my past three weekends with friends and it's again the last weeks of the quarter.  XS  Hopefully, I could just have my quiet weekends spent at home again, writing some blogs (I have so many topics in my head!) and drawing/painting.

Oh...  Soon and very soon!

Next, I want to change some of the way I do my circle lens reviews.  Seems like the category enlargement is so arbitrary, which is many times dependent on the preference of the reviewer.  So, this is the system that I'm coming up with:

1- no enlargement at all; example, clear contact lenses 
2- low enlargement, 14.0 mm diameter without bold limbal ring; example Geo Tricolor
3- medium enlargement, 14.0 mm diameter with bold limbal ring; example Geo Honey Wings
4- high enlargement, 14.5 mm diameter; example Geo Hurricane
5- extremely high enlargement, 15.0 mm diameter and above; example Geo Cafe Mimi

I think this system would put some organization and more accuracy with my reviews.  (^.~)v

One more post after this!


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