Thursday, 1 March 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed. 4

I didn't get to post last Sunday's photos...  I'm sorry about that!  T___T  If you've read my last post, I've caught a bit of a cold.  I'm on my way to a speedy recovery, but I am really wishing to be able to rest more.  D;   ^___^  How about you?  How are you?

Anyway, be forewarned: Photo Heavy!

We ate at Nana's Cafe in Tumon, behind Outrigger Resort, last Sunday.
Just a stone throw away is the beach :)  Isn't that lovely?  

My usual Caesar salad. :d  By the way,
each meal comes with a salad from the salad
bar and soup.

I ♥ butter fried onions!!  Don't worry, I ain't so piggy.
I shared with my sister :P

The perfect fish!  Black cod (divine
buttery fish) for only $15.50!  SHOUT!

The folks I always hang out with :)  What can I say?  We're tight
like that♥♥♥

*Swoosh!*  *Whip!*
My hair was doing some kind of a kung-fu number on my Mother's face.

This is a good shot!  I have a candid photo of us, but I forgot to
watermark it...  :(

My little sister looks constipated XD

Chooo~~  We so kawaii!   :D :D :D

One word:

I got the time and the look for that day, so I took advantage of that:

No lipstick for me because my lips are
"as dry as a chalky elbow on a winter day."
XD  I heard that on TV and just thought it
was wiggin' hilarious!


Pop Rock candies with the lollipop: major
ticket to sweet childhood memories!  ^.^

My take on tea and cakes

Someday, I wish someone can teach me how to put watermarks on photos more quickly and efficiently.  Right now, I am using Illustrator, for lack of knowledge on other means... and it's taking me a loooong time to edit photos :(  If you can help, I'd be so thankful and call you a saint!  ^_^  ☀☀☀

Good night for now!  See you again in the weekend!

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