Monday, 14 May 2012

Button-Bustin' Entry


Been feeling pretty blue since yesterday...  when the button of my jeans popped out...  *sigh*

I haven't gone running, yes...  And I feel like a hundred pounds heavier and my love handles are constantly handling me, alright.  It's been 3 weeks!  I'd hate to offer excuses so I'll just give my reasons :D

1)  Got sick... It was easier to eat than jog.
2)  Soooooooooo busy when mi madre left...  Again in times like these, it's easier to eat than jog.

Thank God, my Ma is back and I can exercise with her :)  So, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh commitment!  ^0^  It's time to fight on!

Other things I'll commit to doing:

  1. Getting a haircut and a color
  2. Blog
  3. Finish my novels
  4. Blog giveaway (I'm so sorry, it's long past due... >.<  My distributor friend had been so busy so the orders are taking a while to come!  D:  Sorry again!)
  5. Enjoy life!

It's nearly summer vacation, anyway!  That feels "OH-SOME!"  Love my job, but every inch of my being is screaming for summer!

A tutorial and/or review, tomorrow?

By the way, here are the evidences! T^T

Home Cooking
Bean sprout 반찬.

Yup!  I can make a mean 김치찌개 (kimchee jjigae) :)

삼겹살 (samgyeopsal)
Grilled pork belly

Inviting ambience at Infusion, a coffeeshop in

Blooming tea ^_^  It's really neat!

Finished product.  It's called "Falling
Water."  Do you see the cascading flower?

"Joshua" vegetarian crepe

Matcha cupcakes ^_^

 Von's Chicken
Golden chicken: spicy sweet and crisp on the
outside, flavorful in the inside.  Great stuff!  :9

If you can read that quote, it's an Asian stationery
classic! :D

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