Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sguard Rock On Mascara Japan~Black


Yes, I am still alive and kickin'.  I haven't been blogging for a while because it's been crazy busy with my personal life- having to do more chores and attending to a bunch of things such as correcting a silly mistake on my taxes.  Hahaha!  Crazy story behind that!

So, yes!  My absence has been as painful to me as it has been to you.  XP  (ahem! just kidding!) 

While I was gone, I've also been prepping to review items.  I've finally received my package from Shoppingholics last week, and the company has been so sweet and generous with their freebies.  It's been a great shopping experience.  If you don't already know them, please check 'em out!  (Click on the sidebar.)  They ship internationally, too. ^^♥♥♥

From left to right: Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green, Dolly Wink False
Eyelashes No. 4 Feminine Style, G&G Shinny in Aqua, Sguard Rock On
Mascara Japan~Black, freebies ^^ 


Review time!

Sguard Rock On Mascara Japan~Black

This mascara was developed by Japanese fashion model Aya Hoshi, keeping in focus formula adhesion and the brush.  

Its PROMISE: "The strong adhesion helps your eyelashes look glamorous, rich volume, natural, and long lasting; the effect is just like wearing fake eyelashes! ...Curling, lengthening, long-lasting, and extra volume! You can find them all in one!"1 

Ease of Removal: 5/5  Easy to remove with warm water or make-up remover; it won't tug on your eyelids.
Lengthening: 5/5  To the skies, baby!  :D 
Volume: 3/5  UPDATE It does add volume, making your lashes appear fuller but still not significantly.
Staying Power: 5/5  It's long-lasting, alright!  Just as promised.
Waterproof: 5/5  Cried and no panda-eyes ☂
Brush: 5/5   Separates lashes- preventing clumps, reaches tight corners.

Other concerns:  Build-ability of the formula needs time and patience but when you're able to achieve it the results are pretty good; pricey for such a small amount ($19.50 for less than 5 mL).  I like it, but at that price for that amount, I hope to find a more reasonable deal.

Notice the fibers.
(Click on the image to zoom)

Makes my sparse lashes long, but not rich and full.

With G&G Shinny Aqua (also known as Puffy 3 Tone

With my Geo Mimi Cafe in Macchiato Brown

Learning from another blogger, you can use the longer bristles for length and the shorter bristles for volume by applying side-to-side.  In this manner, you can have BOTH length and volume! ^_^

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