Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Real Life Sundays, ed. 23

Yeah, generally life is.  But I will come clean and admit this:

I was so bored of myself yesterday!

After watching 4 hours of boxing on $60 pay per view, topped with the dismal ending of Pacquiao running into Marquez's fist and getting knocked out cold, I finally felt super bored!  So bored, that the only way to escape it was... 
No, not to do something productive...
But to sleep it off, hoping that by the time I woke up, I'd be less bored.

After a couple of hours of "napping," I woke up...  still feeling...  bored.  I then invited my little sister to grab some yummy cupcakes with me but she just wanted to stay home...  Geezzz...  So, I ended up sleeping early to end my boring day.

Here's the 60 bucks Pacquiao made us regret spending...  hehehe!
Hey Mr. Manny, if you are reading this, know that I still love you!


On the bright side, I was thankful of being bored, since it only happens sometimes.  It meant that I was finally not hip-deep in work and not feeling overwhelmed. ^^

Anyway, I had a wonderful Saturday!  I had an amazing dinner with a couple of wonderful friends, whom I feel super-duper blessed to have ^____^  *Sighs*  everyone needs a kindred spirit~~  someone to share your interests, beliefs, and love of food :9

Some people- not the viewers of this blog, thank you very much- like to complain about food posts, saying that they are lame and stuff.  I think those people are being just plain silly.  With food so good lookin', who wouldn't want to see?  So, yep!  I am not even slightly apologetic for any of my food pictures.  :P


Lastly, today!  I had a good time teaching the kiddies.  They make me laugh and smile a lot (inside), although, I do like to act strict and constipated around them.  But they are cool with me and I am cool with them so life is good.  Real good.


Our classroom door with all them snowflakes
Yes! We have a fireplace to hang our stockings on!  ^_^

It's the adults who are kooky.  For example, I went to DFS today to buy a purse for my darling little sis.  The ladies at the stall did not take the initiative to help me out until I asked them.  When I finally asked for the price, one of them told me, "There's the sale section at the back."  "Ok... lady," I thought.  And throughout the experience, she kept on pointing out to me that there were cheaper stuff in the store.  At the end of my purchase, she said, "This is one of the higher end ones."

Ok.....?  (-_______-)

If she was so gang-ho about making me purchase the cheaper ones and saving me $$, why did she not give me discount when I asked for it?  I guess I looked such like a commoner?  I wonder what gave me away...  Hmmm...  Was it my non-brand bag?  Or was it my shoes that looked like they've been chewed by a dinosaur?  Oh well, maybe I'll never know.  All I know is I bought what I wanted and it was "one of the higher end ones."

But I end this post in a positive note!  My sister and I went to minister with our church's young adult group.  We handed out chips, water, and Bibles to college students who were studying for their finals.  They were so kind and gracious.  Bless their sweet hearts♡♡  ^___^

That's it, everyone!  Good night!

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