Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hair Diary: Color Me Dark


I've allowed myself some pampering during the weekend- got a mani and a pedi, treated my face to exfoliating and a mask, and got a fresh color for my hair.  ^_^

It is hard for me to maintain my hair because it can be so time-consuming to be so high-maintenance about everything.  Oh yeah... and it costs $$.

This is not officially a review.  But here are some pictures.

Had to borrow this photo from Walmart.com because my SD reader is
malfunction :(
I wanted to get rid of the orange tint from my hair because
it makes the ends look burnt and unhealthy.  This color did
a good job accomplishing that.  Although, it certainly is unlike
the color on the box (my hair is too dark, I guess), I like how this
dark shade makes my skin look fairer.
Here is a view of the right and left sides of my head.  I really like the auburn color, but my roots are still very dark, as
you can very well see.  In certain lighting, the red tint does appear on my roots.

Overall, I am happy with my new hair color so I am throwing in this last photo for good measure.
So cute!  hahahahoo!
And by some miracle of angles, my nose actually looks taller here! :D


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