Monday, 7 January 2013

Real Life Sundays, ed. 25

Happy Sunday!  

I've been having magical Sundays for the past few weeks.  And yes, that is probably why I haven't been blogging- I am just drinking in the magic *___*

I just feel so blessed!  And these two weeks of much-needed vacation have been so refreshing to my mind and spirit.  As for my physical body, too much food.  ^_^
Gift for myself ^_^  Anna Sui is total cuteness~  Luhvvit!

My little sister really knows me:

Bringing in the new year with bold colors.
Christmas concert and fireworks with my friends❊❊❊

So I tried watercolor painting since I haven't held an art brush for a long time.  I love watercolor because the finished product is always a surprise.

Bringing out the kid within: kite flying on such an amazing day. ^_^
Had dinner with my friend and ended up being goofballs at the annual Christmas
lights setup in Tumon.

Dolly eyed look for my upcoming circle lens review.
✌Peace for this week!  I am back to work in the morning!  :S

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