Friday, 12 April 2013

Porcelain skin... Not really!

It is no fun when your little sister picks on your face leaving you with nasty scars.

Plus, redness on the chin, sides of the nose, outer corners of the eyes, and glabella (real word, btw... thanks to Google).  And no amount of BB Cream seems to cover it up completely.

So, let me introduce you to a near miracle in a stick.

I must testify that it really helps give off a porcelain fairness and smoothness to the face!  

This is how I work with this:

     Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer (Certainly you can use another product ^___^)

  1. After toner and moisturizer, which will really help make the concealer glide, apply the green concealer onto the areas of your face with a lot of redness, such as the sides of the nose, mouth, and glubella.
  2. Apply a very thin layer to the rest of your face.  This will neutralize the color of your skin, allowing you to have a blank canvas to work with.
  3. Hide dark circles and other dark spots with a skin-tone concealer.
  4. Apply foundation or BB Cream on your face.  
  5. Apply a thin veil of loose powder to mattify your look.
I really want to have good skin but if that would not come naturally, I can at least make an illusion of it.  Hehehe!

But guess what?  This technique I discovered to be so helpful was not originally mine.  Check this video out and Happy "Make-upping"!

My Attempt at Dolly Dolly Skin

No filter but I wish I used a better camera. ^^;;


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