Monday, 1 April 2013

Real Life Sundays, ed. 26: Happy Easter! and Sasa Haul Mini Reviews

"When He was on the cross, I was on his mind." -Unknown
"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead..." 1 Peter 1:3 
He is risen! Victory is His forever and ever!

Happy Easter!


I had a very restful Easter Break.  I did not even touch the work I took home at all!  Hehehe!  ^^;;  Even grad applications...  Omehgesh!  Which I really need to skedaddle with!  >.<  Break, we say therefore, break I'll get.

Since this may be the last post I write for the next plenty of weeks (unless it's not...  I'm very unpredictable with this), I will flood this one with random photos and stories.

Mini Review

Kosé Cosmagic Exte Bomber Mascara in Black

I bought this from  ^^ (Great store, btw, if you have a physical mailing address.) It's a lengthening mascara.  It even comes with a lash guard that challenges you to measure your lashes with.  I haven't used the lash guard but the mascara sure does lengthen.  I am not keen with this product though because I'd rather have fluffy and full lashes.
Here's another photo for y'all:

Arrow indicating lengthening prowess of this mascara.  Also observe that it doesn't
volumize my lashes in any way.  The voluminous ends of my eyes
are demi-lashes. 

In conclusion, I still wuv me some Dolly Wink Volume Mascara.  This mascara gets ♥♥♥♡♡ (3 full hearts out of 5).

Koji Spring Heart Eyeliner in Black

Another product from  I chose this because of its great value.  And it is a wonderful product!  It has intense black color, a sturdy felt tip that draws thick and thin lines, and is resistant to water, sweat, and oil.  I would purchase it again if only I had a physical address for mailing or if I became shameless enough to bother someone who actually has one.  ///-_-///

Sparkly package

Those are what's on this face:

Photo Diary

Although Guam doesn't have a spring season, the fashion certainly does.  Most likely because Guam imports clothes from countries with seasons.  Ironic with my personality, I have so many dark and grey clothes.  I guess sometimes I am a gloomy person inside.  But I wanted a change in perspective and such and such and such.  So I decided that my closet could use some colors.  Spring and pastels are so pleasant and sunny anyway- which are more like me!  

Also, I got my perm redone.  I now look like Merida!  Which I love, because that's one less thing to think about- you know, brushing my hair.  Hehehe!  I just wish though that I could be an arrow-wielding kick-butt like her.

Since I really need to get some shut-eye, I'll just put up these last photos mindlessly:

My ugly nails in Easter egg colors.  Hey, they kinda look like eggs after all!

Stinky and harsh chemicals and a bowl around my neck- the things we ladies do
in the name of beauty.

Excuse me while I fall for--- moi!  Hehehe!

Good night, world! Good night!  You've been too good!
See you in a week or so! Or so, so, so!

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