Thursday, 8 August 2013

Poem: "They rise and fall"

They rise and fall
The sea tides by the pull of the moon
They rustle and sway
The tree leaves by the quiet breeze
They change from lush green to snowy white
The seasons as the earth spins in a tilt

They laugh and play
The little ones as they seek each other's hands
They sigh and admire
The old lovers as their hands clasp around each other's
They walk and run and breathe and keep on living
The women and the men and the little ones, too

They echo heartily
Your glad laugh in its amusement
They deepen wisely
Your substance in your questioning and understanding
They unfold before your very eyes
Your hopes until God gives you another

Your conversations will go on with others
You will travel the world because it's your destiny
But I will be here
And I will go on, too

But the smell of the kindling and the warmth of the fire
Remind me that you were once here
Although the scarlet sunset by the shore or the star-gems
melting into the cityscape would have taken a new meaning for me

The agony within is not that I'll miss you
But rather of what I'll miss;
Not the longing
But that many days from now,
All these will be forgotten, as if they never happened.

This poem is actually unfinished but I was very eager to share because of the pretty imagery.  This is also very personal and that's why some of the scenes are quite specific.  Young love is such a splendid thing yet it eludes me.  Thanks for reading.

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