Monday, 26 August 2013

My Beauty Faves, ed. 3

Tried and True

I've got these products for a while now and have been wanting to write about them.  They are fantastic things for the face and have nearly been fool-proof ("nearly" because like nobody, nothin' is perfect).

K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyepencil in Black
What I love about it?
This pencil liner is super smooth!  It glides effortlessly on my skin and doesn't tug at all- saving myself from wrinkles.  The color is very dark too.  If I want lasting eyeliner, I put this on first and follow it with liquid liner.  The only down side of this product is that there isn't much product in that long pencil.  :(  Looks are quite deceptive.
Lancome Teint Miracle
What I love about it?
This foundation has a very light and watery consistency.  Which is amazing because it has fantastic coverage!  (Neither too light nor heavy).  It also photographs very well.  I like using it on special occasions. 

Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital
What I love about it?
This daytime moisturizer has been the best for my skin.  It is also very light and does not feel sticky on my face.  It also has SPF 35 so it gently protects my skin and prevents wrinkles.
Dolly Wink 02 Volume Mascara in Black
What I love about it?
I am an avid fan of Dolly Wink's volume mascara because it really delivers!  When they talk about volume, it is serious business.  The brush has changed from their purple version, so I was skeptical at first.  However, the change seems to be for the better.  ^^  I will write a more comprehensive review sometime in the arbitrary future.  Hehehe... ^^;;

 Promising Finds

I also found these products that seem to soon be included on my Beauty Faves list.  I've used them for only a few times but they have been really good! ^_^

Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB Cream in #2
What I love about it?
I've only used this twice and so far.  Although it seems to be slightly fairer than my skin color, it eventually blends with my color as the day progresses.  The roller feature is fun to use as it evenly distributes the product.
Nerium Night Cream
What I love about it?
Have you heard of this?  It's supposed to be a miracle in a bottle.  I was hesitant at first because it costs quite a lot: $80 for 30 mL, monthly.  But when I saw the results on my friend, I was sold.  Her spots and pimples faded within 5 weeks!  Amazing!  So, I'm on my way with creating my own testimony about it.  I've tried it for 5 days and I can say that my pores have become smaller and the texture of my skin smoother.  Also my pimple scars faded a bit.  I'm excited to see more results.  
Lancome Rouge in Love in 353M
What I love about it?
I've got two problems with lip colors: 1) Lipstick color lasts but dries the lips 2) Tinted lip balm moisturizes my lips but the color quickly disappears.
This lipstick seems to be the best thing to bring both of these worlds together.  It's buttery and moisturizing while having that intense and beautiful color that stays. ^^


These just came in the mail and they are very comfortable.  The 3rd circle lenses are sponsored by Loveshoppingholics.  They are going to be my first sponsored anything ^_^  I haven't opened them yet but I am excited.  

Geo Medical Eyes Cream in Vanilla Brown

G&G/Dueba Shinny Puffy 3 Tone in Gray 
Candy Pop in Blue
I used most of these products in this photo, with my foundation as the Holika Holika BB Cream.

Giyomi yourself to sleep.  Good night!

I changed my portraits here because the previous' photos were so yellow.  (-____-)  That's what cooks my turkey with my camera- stupid color references unless it's sunlight.  Oh!  And I also blurred my armpits. ;)  I got SO bothered when I saw them so gray and so gross!  I've just saved you from any psychological trauma those pits would have made.

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