Thursday, 8 August 2013

Real Life Sundays, ed. 31

I have to git going soon because I have to paint my classroom tomorrow in preparation of the new school year.  Say what???  Yes, apparently, painting our classrooms is part of our job description as a teacher.


Just joking.  Only if we want our bleak-looking rooms to look all purrty.

Yep!  And it's almost 2 am here.  D:

Been having fun cooking so I could take cute photos and add some digital stamps to show-off on Facebook. ^.^

My lovely and smart doggy-woggy Kobe ^3^  She likes to husks coconuts for fun.
Don't worry, although she's tied in this photo she gets plenty of exercise because we play together or we
release her to play by herself.

Then my little sister and I had a little photo-op, showing off our new hairdos and clothes ^___^
Sisters are the bomb, aren't they?
Dress: Street market (Namdaemoon, Korea)
Shoes: Nine West 
Dress: Forever 21 (Philippines)
Shoes: Nine West
Being all chiyo with our hair
Unabashed selcas at Ross 

One more post after this because I just have to!

Thank you, Ate Lerma♥  I've forgotten the access to my old email but I heard that you read my blog.  Thank you so much for your eager love.  I miss you immensely.  I want to see you soon.  I will... :)

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