Monday, 6 February 2012

Etude House Dream On Foundation Slim and Cover Review

Review TIME!!

Although it took a long time, at least I'll have a more conclusive review for your benefit ^^  With all the photos and time I have right now, you may even enjoy my take on that Dolly Wink eyeliner I've promised golly oh-so-long-ago!  Meh....  Real sorry for that. T^T

Let's do this thing!!  \(^0^)/

Etude House Dream On Foundation Slim and Cover in #2 Natural Beige Review
Geeweez with these loooong names! -___-  Anyway, I've mentioned before that the reason I chose this product instead of a BB Cream was because of the uber cute bottle and that cap was simply too-too kawaii!  Korean cosmetics are usually not only really good generally but they're pretty eye-candies, but then there are those crazy mile long names :S  Anyway, am I glad that I did end up with this!  You can purchase one for yourself at BB Cream Boutique, and as always, shipping is $6.00 flat rate ^♥^

Goes on smoothly and I use a foundation brush to spread it evenly.  The formula is thicker than BB Cream, hence more coverage.

Color matches my skin tone well since I'd rather be pale than tan... and there's no grayish undertone which you'll usually get with BB Cream.

Goes on smoothly with a brush.
Great coverage.
Matches my skin tone well.
No grayish undertones.
Affordable price.
Super cute packaging.
Delicate floral scent.
No breakouts!

Only comes in two shades :(
Maybe too thick for everyday use.
Ridiculously long name!  (See how I'm so hung up on this??)

I recommend it!  It doesn't make my face look as much like an oil spill after a long day.  I've come to really appreciate it for what it has to offer and BB Cream Boutique does a good job sending my orders on this side of the globe.  So, yay and wins all around!

Disappeared into my skin

Here's how it is on mah face


  1. Is it like the texture of BB Creams? They can't cover my dark spots. If it's really thicker than BB creams then I will try this one. Thanks for the review! :)

    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanks for stopping by ^^ Here is my further take on this product:

      Since this is a foundation, it is a tad bit thicker than BB Cream but as I've been testing it over and over again the consistencies of the formulas are not too different actually. As for the coverage: recently, I've had breakouts due to my period and stress that resulted in dark spots and this foundation isn't completely covering them too. :( So, I use a concealer with salicylic acid to help hide the spots (, then set with MAC powder. The best thing about this foundation is that there is no gray undertone and it gives a glow. ^^

      But this is how it's been working for my skin, which is pretty oily. I don't know how it will work for other skin types.

      I hope this helps! Good luck ^^

  2. hi Ruthee, new follower here. Great job on describing how it smells, feels and how long it lasted on your skin (not to mention the exhaustingly long name Etude house gives most of it's products). I'm just wondering if this can be compared to Revlon Colorstay Foundation?

    Cause i'm wondering if this is really worth trying for i am very happy with my Revlon Colorstay foundation.

    Thanks! :) <3

    1. Hi Charlii ^_^
      Thanks for your comment. As of right now, I cannot compare the two because I haven't yet tried Revlon Colorstay. I wish I could tell you more. I'm quite willing to be a guinea pig so I may give it a try for comparison's sake. :)