Friday, 30 December 2011

Geo Tricolor Blue Review

Good evening, everyone!  
Before I get back on the grind of working on lesson plans and correcting test papers, I would like to do at least one more post. ^_^
This will be my very first circle lens review (Yay~) and this pair I bought from  If you're into Asian cosmetics and circle lenses, then this shop is really worth checking out.  Shipment and service are great, too!  I try to give them as many reviews as I can to give credit where credit is due. ☺

Geo Tricolor Blue Review
First, the packaging from Shoppingholics is really nice.  I have no photo here but surely you'll find them in other blogs.
2/5  They show up fine with my dark brown eyes.  They're neither very bright nor obvious with the first glance but with proper lighting, they can be a bit more noticeable.
5/5  Don't be afraid of the the pixelated design on the ad photo because they really look natural against the eyes in person.
2/5  These pair will not enlarge the eyes much, but I am more for the natural look so that's fine with me.
5/5  Highly comfortable!  I am a bit naughty and wear them for quite a long time (which I do not recommend, whatsoever) but my eyes hardly dry out.
5/5 For everything that these lenses offer.  I've found them more of a pro because of the comfort.  I think they look really pretty, too. ^_^
Free rose cases~  너무예뻐~ ^_^

These days my eyes are often tired, and thus the redness :(
My doctor said to keep off contacts at least once a week
(and I blame the length I use contacts a day), even with my Acuvues. 

All taken with natural light.  How hard to see the color!  :(
Lastly, (sorry for my gabbiness), I'm planning to buy a new camera in a couple of months.  My point-and-shoot (Samsung) has been a great tool and we have formed a bond, but I need to move on (sorry, dear T_T).  Do you have any recommendations? Talk to me below.   Thanks!

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