Friday, 30 December 2011

Nail Polish Review: Essie in Sexy Divide

 :\  I have a problem...  I can't keep my nail polish on for more than three days without them chipping.  Sheesh.  I don't know what back breaking work I do why they end up ugly so quickly.  Oh well... on to the review of this nail polish I am currently crazy about:

Essie in Sexy Divide
5/5  And it's not because I am very generous with the scores.  This is the sexiest purple I have ever seen ^O^  It's a really gorgeous color, like a shining crystal eggplant.  (Is that sexy or what?  haha!)
5/5  It's just fantastic ^_^  The formula is thick enough so that it covers the nail very well, yet it dries fast.  It's really shiny, too, somewhat of a patent-leather finish.  Heart~ ♥
5/5 4/5  I've no problem with the brush although it's unlike O.P.I.'s wide brushes.  Still, it serves it's purpose, which is good enough for me. 
(Correction: my little sister said that Essie brush is not good enough, that I am too generous and that O.P.I.'s Prowide brushes are the only ones worthy of perfect score. Ha!) 
5/5  I am in love ♡_♡  I bought mine from K-Mart for $7.99 each, which may seem a bit much but since Essie is sold in other stores for $10.00, I don't think it's as burdensome.  I think Essie also specializes in French and pastel colors, but I chose this shade because I like rock-and-roll on my nails. v(^.^)v

Aiiee!  This photo does Essie no justice.  T_T  But I guarantee it's a nice color!

In Lilacism and Sexy Divide
Until we meet again, folks!  ^_^  I'm trying to get as many reviews as possible before work starts for me again.  By that time, I don't think I'd be as capable with posting...  Huu~ ;(  The bright side, work is a blessing from God and without it I wouldn't have dinero to buy things to review.  :D

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