Friday, 30 December 2011

Nail Polish Review: Revlon Scented Parfume in Gumdrop

Two of my greatest interests in beauty are nail color and nail art.  I am currently wearing a very nice purple color from Essie, in Sexy Divide, and I am loving it!  I hope to write a review soon.  Perhaps, tonight? ;)
I do my own manicure and pedicure because I don't want to spend too much money and I like to change my nail color often, once a week at least.  The image below is a sample of the work I've done.

This review is on Revlon Scented Parfume in Gumdrop.  I really like lilac, so here's my take on the product:
5/5  It's lilac!  And this shade is actually pleasant.  It makes my nails look dainty and fun! :)
4/5  Revlon's formula is pretty thin in comparison with Essie and The Faceshop.  I like my formula thicker so there would be fewer layering of colors and thus, a quicker drying time.  However, I really like this scented series because the formula makes my nails smell so sweet, like candies and fruits! ^-^
2/5  The brush is super important!  And I think Revlon did not really consider this.  :(  I have to give them this score because their brush is so skinny.  If you've tried O.P.I., there is a huge difference with the brush width.  Revlon's skinny brushes do not hold as much paint, making the application more limited and more difficult.  :(
3/5  The paint is really decent, but the brush kills it for me.  Let's hope that Revlon will take a look at their brushes and improve on the design.

Just a bit left! T_T  Clumsy me...
The pink nail color is from The Faceshop (their nail polishes
are of wonderful quality and really inexpensive). 

P.S.  Had to buy Essie in Lilacism because I spilled my Gumdrop all over the carpet.  T___T  Boohoo!  Had to clean it up hard, but at least my fingers were smelling like candy!

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