Thursday, 29 December 2011

Island Girl

It's my first post and hopefully the first impression is a decent one.
So... As proper introductions are supposed to go, I am Ruthee Cee, and this is my first blog in
a long while, and blogs for school projects do not count. I have been a Guam girl for most of my life now, although I was born in the Philippines (which I desire to visit soon. Huu-huu... T^T)

What in the world is Guam, you may ask? Well, it's the largest island in Micronesia and it's near the deepest part of the earth's surface- the Marianas Trench. Guam is really not as backward as one would like to think of any island paradise. Despite the near abundance of boonies (jungles), it is actually pretty modernized, especially because it is a tourist destination (with about a million tourists from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan visiting every year) and because Guam has been a U.S. base since the end of the Spanish-American War and an official territory since after WWII. From what I've heard, Guam has even more infrastructure than Fiji, and somehow, everyone's heard of Fiji. :)

Here are some photos of the beauty that is Guam. Enjoy! :D
Sitting beneath this pink flowering tree.  Actually, it was so pleasant, I
ended up lying down. :)

Freshwater Cave

Flower found only on Guam, nowhere else in the world.

Flower found only in my Ma's garden (it's a result of cross-pollination).

The center of the tourism industry: Tumon.

Beautiful beach!  Lots to do!  I personally like snorkeling ^_^
Fish are so beautiful.

Guam Latte Stones

Christmas thingee-majerg at my Dad's work.

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