Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year & Geo Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown Review

Happy New Year!  It's 2012!  It has to be a good year, yah?

I pray to reignite my passions for this year because I was pretty spent 2011.  Let's just say it's been a combination of so many good things, and... er... challenging things.  Heartbeats and heartaches, and all of that.  : /
Let's make the best of 2012, alright?  Because God is good!  Fighting!  \(^0^)/

...Moving on!  This is another circle lens review with another pair I bought from  I've talked about them before, and they are a great store.  Another store I buy lenses from is  Service is fantastic but although the products are a bit cheaper, you'd have to reach $100 for free shipping. Whereas, Shoppingholics is only $50, which actually makes your entire purchase less expensive. ✌

Geo Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown Review
3/5  The limbal ring is brown rather than black so it blends more naturally with the irises.  It's a nice brown, especially against a white background.  But you see, my irises aren't white... :(  They are dark brown so the lens color doesn't really show.
4/5 So swirly and so pretty but aren't as obvious against my dark eyes.
5/5  They are HUGE!  I personally am not used to this size 15.0, but I understand that there are many who prefer this.  I like mine more natural though.
4/5  These lenses are really thin and a bit comfortable.  I've read another review about it though, so it isn't only me, but these lenses would dry out my eyes even only after a short while of wearing.
3/5  Pretty contact lenses.  I like them enough, but they are certainly not my everyday lenses, for the reason that they'd need to be framed with more make-up. 

Free animal cases!  Super! ^0^

Swirly pattern and red eyes strike again...

Another review that you may want to see is Miss Eki's at  She's beautiful, and she takes amazing photos.  :)  

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