Monday, 8 July 2013

Stop Doing That: Asking, "What app is that?"


This may be the dumbest post I will ever write on this blog and by the end of this, you may think me to be a selfish girl.

You've been warned.


Artists do not like sharing their brushes, paint, and other supplies with others, and especially with non-artists.  Sure, they may want to share their paintings with the entire universe but they are not usually as open with sharing their supplies and their techniques.  Those who do so are either selling a book or are just really kind.  Is this a fact?  Look around.

I, for one, take no pleasure in sharing my art stuff and my photo editing apps.  I simply DO NOT like sharing these things.  My blatant disregard of questions, "What app is that? What app is that?" should hint such people that I am in no mood for sharing.  

So, am I saying that I am artist?  Yes, I am.  If you like looking at my photos, then doesn't that make me an artist to some degree?  Withholding such information is my privilege for being one.

Am I being mean?  I am nice.  In fact, I am one of the nicest people you're ever going to meet.  I will share my food, money, drink, photos, which store I buy my make-up from, etc., but because I update my photo apps and make the research on my own, which are a piece-of-cake to do, then you should take the initiative and effort to do the same if you are really eager.

In conclusion, please don't ask me, "What app is that?"  I really dislike seeming like the mean gal but I will not answer and it's nothing personal.  Let's leave it at that.

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