Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Real Life Sundays, ed. 30

I had the most glorious time with my friends yesterday.  We had a little BBQ at the beach at NOON!  Which is pretty incredible for me because I am not an outdoors-y person and I dislike basking in the HOT sun for various reasons- wrinkles, tan, sweat, cancer, etc.  *shudder*  I commend those who do outdoor things for fun but I am my own Pillsbury dough girl...

Anyway, how did I ever enjoy our BBQ?  I love my friends!  They really are some of the greatest people one will ever meet.  ^0^  I also enjoyed because of this thing called "Veggie Kabob" and the ocean was shallow and crystal-like.  When it met with the sand and the sky, it was just the prettiest picture.  So, protected by my large hat and our tent, I was able to enjoy all these.

Then at night, I watched The Lone Ranger with my true-to-life cowboy friend.  It was interesting to watch with him because he knows these horse-and-rider dynamics that would have flown over my head had he not explained them.  Plus, I think he's also a smart person so he catches some of the nuances in the film.

Just wanted to share some info about my friend: he is here as a missionary, and what I like about him is that he has these "cowboy manners" (is that what they're called?) where he stands up when a lady enters the room and possesses this calm and gentle demeanor.  I have such great guy-friends!  Why in the world are they still single???

Why am I still single???  (^.~)  Bwaha!

Also, I have a couple of photos from the bonfire last Friday.  It was such a good event in which God would show Himself so faithful and true.  He even gave us a few miracles!  Great night.  Great night.

Anyway, here are them photos:

Friday: Bonfire
The setting sun painted the ocean like watercolor- splashing it with soft pinks, blue,
and silver- while a rainbow-shaped cloud framed it to perfection.
It was captivating beyond words.
Saturday: cleaning up the storage room in our house.  Look what I found!  High school
Sunday: Beach BBQ
Words that I never thought could come together.  This tastes awesome!
How to: grill carrots, eggplants, and bell peppers on a stick.  Sprinkle with
coconut oil and salt. :9 
Please don't end 

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