Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Poem: "It's not that the grapes are sour"

It's not that the grapes are sour
It's just that you're no wine for me
Such as in that wedding feast twenty centuries ago
"You saved the best for last!" they exclaimed
But you're neither the last nor the best for me.

It's not that I've found another
Not that I was really looking
When I came upon this pearl of great price
I just HAD to give up everything to have it
But you're no wise investment for me.

It's that I've simply moved on
A foot in front of the other
I bid you adieu, I bid you farewell-
hoped you the best and I meant it!
Because when I let you go I made room for
the One who had made me His sweet wine and His precious pearl
The One who's so good for me.


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