Friday, 13 July 2012

My Beauty Faves, ed. 1

Good morning, star shine!  The earth says, "Hello!" 

Haha!  That was cheesy, alright!  But it brings Johnny Depp to mind, so it's all good~

Anyway, how's everyone?  This will be the first edition of "My Beauty Faves," which means hopefully I find more!  With this post, I will feature some items that I have tried and come to love ♥♥♥   It's somewhat like a mini-review.  Think of it how you'd like; I just wanna get it out there so the photos I took will not go to waste.  Haha!  (^.~)v

MAC LipGlass in Pink Poodle
What I love about it?
The color, baby!  It's a lovely and fun magenta hue that adds
brightness to my look.  I also like the delicious vanilla scent.
The formula doesn't feel too sticky on my lips.  About its tenacity...
Gee...  I wouldn't really know since I eat and drink so much that
every lip color I've had simply disappears.  Well, it doesn't hurt to
reapply :)

Demi lashes
What I love about it?

I love how more subtle demi lashes are as compared to full lashes but can still
create a significant impact on my look.  So here I have a couple that I have
chopped from my lovely (not to mention expensive... T^T  huhuhu!) Dolly
No. 4 Feminine Style.  (And I lost them immediately after taking this photo
because as I was cleaning up, I completely forgot about them...  Doubly
T^T huhuhu!)

These are my buys from my trip to Japan.  Their drugstore cosmetics are
of amazing quality and I'll feature some here.  I bought these from
Matsumoto KiYoshi- a large drugstore chain in Japan.

(Not my photo)

Rohto Lycee Eye Drops
What I love about it?
CUTE!  Yep, that's pretty much it.  I like my eye drops more intense.
But it's CUTE...  (And it was only about 5 bucks!)

Cezanne Four Color Lame Shadow palette in 01 Brown
What I love about it?
I love how smooth and lasting the color is; texture feels creamy
but finishes as powder.
Photo from Cezanne's official website.

Koji Spring Heart false eyelashes in 06 Elegant Long
What I love about it?
Natural-looking, flexible yet durable band, each lash hair tapers at the end,
and looks nice in photos.

There you go!  The products I'm wearing here (except
for the demi lashes).  Photo from the bunch I took that
one day I didn't feel so unmotivated.  :P

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