Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Response

Now that the giveaway is done, I wanted to take some time to answer my own question.


My favorite character in The Hunger Games is Peeta Mellark ^___^  (And it's not only because of Josh Hutcherson, ok?)  As I've said to some of you, I do like Katniss, definitely- being the protagonist and a butt-kicking huntress at that, but reading the book, a special place has been left in my heart for Peeta Mellark for a great many number of reasons.  Here are the top five:
  1. He is kind, honest, and pure at heart.  While Katniss baffles herself about what is the right thing to do, Peeta has always had a radar for simply doing the right thing.
  2. He will always champion for Katniss.  (SPOILER ALERT!) That's why I cried myself to sleep when the Capitol twisted his mind.  Durn you, Capitol!
  3. He is an artist.
  4. And a buff and handsome blonde at that! :P
  5. Finally, it never, ever, ever hurts that this boy can bake bread! 
And oh!  He also has some of the best weak-in-the-knees, butterflies-in-my-stomach lines in the book (and movie):

And the Pièce de résistance 

That's it!  I won't overkill it.  Actually, it's getting plenty cheesy even for me.  Heehee!  Now you know what a geek I am: getting so emotionally invested in a book and its characters.  Haha!  ^^;;

Anyway, I really did enjoy holding the giveaway and having the chance to communicate with some of my readers.  Thanks for that opportunity!  

As for now, good night! ^_______^


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