Sunday, 29 January 2012

Real Life Sundays

Weekends are for errands and chores~

So, I cleaned the bathroom today.  It's not the best topic to talk about especially in a public blog, but I like cleaning the bathroom at home. :)  Somehow the water and the scrubbing is therapeutic because I'm just alone to think.  

Other people's "Me Time" includes Dove chocolates or pedicures but for me... it's cleaning.

I haven't climbed a tree since... what?  Fourth grade?...  Anyway, that was about to change today.  My crazy cat with a stately name- Genevieve- finally made me climb a tree as she sat stuck up a branch and couldn't come down.  So annoyed at her while I was at it because the bark of the tree was slippery and my Jell-o muscles were getting stiff >.<  It was not glamorous at all and I am no Lara Croft to make tree climbing look good!  D:

But looking back at it, it's kind of funny :)  The cool part I thought was I got to grab my cat by the neck and drop her safely into the arms of my mother waiting below.  Real life: there are no Mr. Incredibles.

Someone decided to "help" take down
the Christmas tree.

HK has a boyfriend now: Monkey Bear!  (That name was spur of the
moment and totally clicked).  He's from my sister as an early "Valentime's"
Day gift. ^^

Becoming a Sunday morning tradition: after church, Taco Bell.  Hehehe!

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