Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lancome Package

Hooray!  My package came in about a week after I ordered~~ ^.^  I bought an eye cream and a lipstick to go along with the 7-piece gift.  Heehee!  I think it's always funny to buy anything for the freebies.  Or maybe a little sad because that's not the most practical thing to do...  -__-  Oh well, let's look at the bright side of things :D

They are little things, only as small as my lipstick.  The bright side: cute!

I thought might as well because I thought I was
getting wrinkles on my eyes.  Nothing serious.  :S
The bright side: I can share with Ma!

In Pink in the Limo (Sheen)

Smells like roses!

I've read reviews about its distinct smell, and mine
does have a strong smell.  I thought the brush was
well-designed, meant to reach the tightest corners.

My little sister chose these polishes.  She was in the mood for glamorous
wintry colors.  So, I borrowed ^^  I'll show you the products next time!

The lesson of this story... I don't think having more stuff actually means becoming happier.  That old adage about money and happyness rings true.  The bright side with having more is having the capability to share ^^ Shouldn't it be that way?  Someday, I think I should hold a giveaway when I get enough followers/readers or other reasons to celebrate ^____^

Anyway, as for Macy's customer service: their online service was great!  They replied to my emails quickly and they tried to answer my questions the best way they could.  The package came in less than a week, too!  ^^


  1. Cute winter nails!!

  2. Thank you! ^.^ I think my sister has good taste :)