Wednesday, 20 June 2012

AWOL: Japan 2012

Just in case you didn't notice (^.~), I wasn't posting or checking my blog last week.  It's been good: the disconnect from all things that connected me.  But not too long... not too long...  I miss me my Internet, yo!

I feel so wildly blessed, yah!  I finally went to "The Land of the Rising Sun!"

I've always dreamt of going there, and for the past years the only parts of Japan I've been to were confined in the airports...  Bleh (-__-)... So those do not count.

But I've been so blessed with kind older sister and brother who took me there ^____^   Thank you, Ate!  Thank you, Kuya!  Love love love yous!
And I love Japan... 

I will try to cover my trip with 3 more posts after this.  Five days so I gotta divide.  ^___^  Thank you, readers, for bearing with me!  I'm really happy about the experience and am still dreaming about it.

*Photo heavy*
"ようこそ," they say.

Kid sister, you're here, too!

Grand Pacific le Daiba
Room for little sister and me ^^  It was spotless!

Bathroom shot

View from the 19th floor.  Sometimes, it freaks me out that we're that
high up.

Hi! My first day look- weary from the flight and
the transport.  But amazingly, there is no traffic here,
unlike Manila and Seoul!
Love it! ♥

Evening stroll around the hotel and mall.

Hotel Nikko is the one in the front.  Grand Pacific is the brown building

Breathtakingly scenic: Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo's Statue of Liberty

The Japanese people had great hospitality, in the hotel and everywhere else.  What I really liked about Odaiba (お台場) was that it was not as crowded as Shinjuku or Shibuya.  I like the calm- clears my mind.  But if you like the crowds, our hotel was surrounded by four malls and the train station can easily take you to other areas of Tokyo.

☁Also, we came during tsuyu☂, which I really underestimated.  I thought, "Hey!  I know rain!  I know summer!"  But nooooo!  It wasn't the hot and humid rainy summer like back home.  It was cold!  So, a word of advise, if you're not used to the cold, bring an extra sweater and weatherproof jacket.  But one will soon find the cold pleasant and crisp when you get used to it. ^-^

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See you in a little while, my friends! ♥

Photo credits:
These photos were taken by my older sister and me.

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