Saturday, 23 June 2012

Japan: Food Paparazzi

Hi everyone! ^-^

Thank you for bearing with me for the past few days as I go on and on about my trip.  I hope it's not a dull topic.  I like it though ^___^  Seeing places aside from endless blue skies and seas that is so much of home is so exciting for me ^^;;

Anyway, this post is dedicated to the nom-noms of Japan.  Yay!

In addition to theme parks, I think Japan takes food quite seriously, too, especially their sweets.  *I've got a rumbly in my tumbly* as Winnie the Pooh would say.

First Meal
Hamburger steak and chicken

Some meat dish

Spaghetti bolognese

Seafood spaghetti in tomato sauce



Corn chowder
I think I ate twice of this -_-

Tea with lemon- pretty~ :)

Fruits and kiwi mousse with souvenir cup
I love how everything is so intentional and thematic ^^

Even the churro is in the shape of Mickey Mouse

Food Wherever We May
Some kind of rice topped with egg, chicken sausage things, and a generous
amount of kewpie mayo :9

Sister deciding what to get at an ice cream vending
Oh, vending machines, how they muse about you back

Takoyaki topped with cheese.  Looks unappetizing here. Hehehe!
But Dale wants some, too!

Breakfast before we left.  Was this Pokemon sad
because we were leaving or because he's about
to be eaten.  Kekekek!

Crepes and the Praises Hailed About Them
(Not my photo)
The story: 
I really wanted to eat crepe in Japan after hearing all the stories and seeing all the pictures (along with takoyaki), and I stated that I will eat as much as I could till it made me sick!  I didn't get sick, though...  I only got to eat three :(  That's good, so I won't be so piggy.
This was the best: strawberry, banana, almond, and
cream from à le Loïc.  So fragrant and delicate- a
touch of Heaven~
à le Loïc is located on the 2nd floor of Venus Fort.  

Banana chocolate cream from Donatello, a cafe near our hotel.  Pretty good, too.
This was my last one T___T  Brought it a long way and ate it at the airport.

One more crepe from Tokyo Crepe Girl at Diver City.

Hehehehe!  Yes! ^0^ I somehow made it a goal to be able to name all the food I ate.  Ha!  Although, everything had been more than great, food in Japan is expensive :(  I don't know if it's because we only went to tourist places, but even the food courts in the malls were not cheap.  Nope, nope, nope...  No 5 dollar meal, yo!  However, I gotta say, I miss them foods... T___T

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