Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit Review

It's 1:00 AM here.  Oooh... (-.- )zzz  I am getting sleepier every minute.  But I thought that I owe it to you that I write this since it's been such a long while since I've written any reviews.  I've been too busy talking about my life...  Hehehe!

This will be my very first BB Cream review, I believe.  I purchased this product a while back May 20th.  So, I've had more than a month.  Yep!  It's about time!

BB Cream is the talk of the town!  With what I used to only see in the Asian market, BB Cream has now come to a more global frontier with its development in the U.S. and high-end, luxury brands.  Looks like almost everyone is getting in this BB Cream craze.

With such a broad selection out there, I still choose to put my trust in Korean brands for several reasons, such as they're one of the first to really endorse the product and I trust that they know very well to taylor it to Asian needs.

With that said, I present to you for review purposes, Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in W13 Natural Beige.

It claims to...
"Promote silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage.  Contains adenosine and arbutin for anti-wrinkle and whitening efficacies.  Also features SPF30 / PA++UV protection & anti-darkening."
It also promotes...
Whitening, anti-wrinkle, and anti-darkening.  Paraben free.*
The Good☺:
  • Affordable- you can buy yours for $19.99 at BB Cream Boutique
  • Product can last a long time: 60g (2.11 oz.)
  • Lightly scented but not overpowering
  • Ok staying power- a touch-up with powder is advisable, though
  • SPF30/PA++
  • Formula feels light, not as greasy as Missha M Signature BB Cream
  • Matches my skin tone quite well at W13 Natural Beige
  • Really brightens skin and gives it a healthy glow
  • Decent coverage- well enough for dark circles and neutralizes pimple scars but not enough to actually conceal them
  • Great packaging- pump type is always a plus+
  • Hardly, if any, ashiness
The Bad☹:
  • Not great with oil control which can affect its staying power

In conclusion:
Etude House claims Bright Fit is an improvement to a previous formula but this is only my first of the Etude House line of BB Creams.  However, I think it's a great product, the good considerably outweighing the bad.  Guam is a very hot and humid place and becoming oily is inevitable, but in colder climates, Bright Fit doesn't really have that problem.  I would purchase it again and even recommend it to a friend.  (^.~)v
Pump type

Blended lightly

Blended thoroughly into the skin

Right after application- pearly glow~ O 0 O

After a long day (7 hours) without touching up, it
has nearly disappeared from my skin and has been
replaced with my oils... -__-
(My nose is waving like a flag on the Fourth of July
in this angle...  Haha! ^0^)
*Paraben is a controversial ingredient in make-up.  It has been found in breast tumors but more research is needed to conclude any claims. 


  1. i haven't tried this one but i tried the previous version: precious mineral bb cream. too bad the oil control isn't good. Now i am thinking to give etude house sun bb cream a try since they claim it to be waterproof :D

    1. Awesome! ^0^ Hopefully, you write a review so I can check it out and see whether Etude House Sun is more appropriate with Guam climate. :)

  2. So i think i will try this one me to. Thank you to sharing.