Thursday, 7 June 2012

Update on My Life: Sister's Grad ^0^


Today was my students' last day of school!  (Mine is tomorrow D;)

I just want to say that my first year of teaching has been an immense blessing!  I couldn't have asked for a better set of students and team members.  I loved almost every day of it :)  I am so thankful to God for all of the smiles, frowny faces, laughters, and lessons.  *Sigh*  T___T  

Onward to SUMMER!  \(^0^)/

Also, a couple of weeks ago was my sister's graduation.  :)  So, yep, I am behind (again!) but I so want to share these photos with you ^____^

It's Ooo-ohg!

Mi Mama!

Yeah, it's my Pops ^-^

V for Victory*

I see you~*

I put this up because I actually think I'm quite
cute here... +^.^+  heehee...

Asians and them fish-face poses



View from Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant at the Hotel Nikko.  Sorry, no food
photos...  Too hungry :)

Singing along to Taylor Swift's "Our Song".

And, ah!  If you join me again tomorrow, you're in for a treat.  ^__^  Unless I shy away and bail!

Good night, everyone!

*Photo Credits: To my brother... Not taken by me. :)

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