Sunday, 26 August 2012

Open Mic Cafe August 25, 2012

So, everyone!!  
Work week has officially started and finished off with a bang!
It's been nothing short of magical!

My classroom is so pretty.  My students are so cute and good.  We have a great working relationship.  I so hope, hope, hope that we remain this way.  Hehehe!  :P

This is me: whenever, the school year begins, my social life goes into a coma for the next nine months, only resuscitating during the long weekends and vacations.
Ugh!  I so need to have a better social life!  >.<

Thankfully, this year is starting at a gooooooood note.  *Sighs with deep satisfaction*  Well, as funny as it may sound, it's all because of God.  I think He cares about my social life, too.  Heehee!

Anyway, we put together an Open Mic Cafe to fundraise for next year's mission trip.  That meant music, smoothies, laughs, and friends, friends, friends!  Old friends, new friends packed together in one happy room.  And I was overflowing with gladness in my heart that a bunch of the ones I asked to come came to participate or simply to lounge around.  I'd love to show more photos but I gotta protect my homies and a bunch of my photos are of my homies.  So, I only have three.  Heehee!

It's me...  Nothing new but my sweater, scarf, and headband.
Oh ok, that's a bunch of new things.

Magic was happening in the room with the red window.

The sky was clear and the moon came out to play, too.

I was so blessed during the Open Mic Cafe. I wouldn't say that I am a musician-musician, but I was so joyful to hear and share with those who were overflowing with talent that they were able to bless others. My heart is made glad. My heart is made glad, O Lord. May the whole world be filled with Your glory!

"...And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

Father, thank You that You keep on calling me for such times as these...

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