Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Taylor Swift Inspired Look

Ah... summer has gone...

The autumn(?) rains have come...

And classes, which means work for me, will be starting way sooner than I actually want it to.  This summer was very, very good for me...  But alas!  I've got to let it go and bid it adieu forevermore~

Goodbye, beautiful summer 2012, goodbye!

You'll always have a place in my heart!

You'll never be completely gone because my memory holds you!

OK!  Enough with my melodrama.  :D  Let's get down to business.

As the blog title already mentions, this post is actually to showcase my last make-up inspiration project for this summer.  Then... I'm done with it... until the next break, which is Christmas, but I don't want to guarantee anything because I don't want to disappoint.  Hehehe!  ^_^

And since this is my last and most favorite, I will be gabby about it.  Please be patient with me, because I do so love to talk when I do get the itch.  ^^;;

I want to own the look but will keep these staples of Taylor Swift:
Light brows,
Cat eyes,
Fully lined eyes,
Fluffy, dark lashes,
Rosebud-shaped lips

And a favorite of mine, which she has been sporting a lot recently, 
Red, red lips

I had to reshape my lips because hers are so small
and shapely.  I used MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian
Red and a bit of a gloss because matte lipstick is so

No, I cannot play guitar
Yes, wet gravel hurt my feet a lot

I'll be corny and caption this with her song:
"And any snide remark from my father about your tattoos will be ignored/
'Cause my heart is yours." ♥♥♥
Photo credits of body shots: my little sister
Photo editing: yours truly

If I could meet a famous living soul, my list includes Taylor Swift.
We'll have lunch, go bowling (I hope she's not way better than me or else I'll feel bad :P), sing songs, and talk about music, movies, unicorns, rainbows, the world, and love, and giggle about how silly boys are and how she'd like to copy how I do my make-up.  Haha!  ^0^

I've used and abused the replay button...  It's so cute!
(And I'm having a problem admitting that I think I am, you know, *blush*, that... never mind...)

And oh yeah!  Just when you think photo shoots are so romantic...  The shoot for this look was quite miserable: the ground was sopping wet and thick with mud, and the gravel hurt my feet.  I had to walk on wooden beams to avoid stepping into the mud but I eventually did.  Hahaha!

That's it!  Until next time! ^____^


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