Friday, 28 September 2012

Look At My Eyes, Not My Eyebrows

Ms. Phan once said that our eyebrows "should not be twins; they should be sisters."

My eyebrows are not even distant cousins.

They are mortal enemies.

They've never been similar...  It's as if my father gave me my left and my mother gave me my right.  And the left is higher than the right.  Hehehe...

Oh well...  Ms. Shields seems to have a slightly similar problem.  But no one minds, because she is gorgeous!

So, I'm ok!  I've actually just started to use eyebrow pencil, by snagging my mother's...  Hehehe!  But I've finally invested in my own.  It should be coming in the mail soon. ^_^

Eyebrow makeup
Brooke Shields

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