Thursday, 27 September 2012

Real Life Sunday, ed. 17

Thank you for those who actually check out my blog from time to time.  Although my following is really small, I feel very encouraged that when I do check my blog's viewer stats, there are actually people who stop by.  ^___^  Sometimes, I wonder why, especially when I go on my hiatus.  But since you do, I won't wonder so much and simply thank you!  ^___^

I've been writing a lot about my life.  I will try to review a couple of old circle lenses later (hopefully, this weekend or the one following that).  But I do not want to be so apologetic because I work... and I've been working really hard and come home very tired.  When I finally do have the time to blog, it's been a form of therapy to de-stress from my day.  And the easiest topic for me to write about is to actually talk about me and how my day/week has been, although I'm hoping to be more mindful of my viewers but am just waiting for the right time.

That was lengthy...

But it's all ok with you, yah?

I really look forward to weekends to unwind...  Although, I am pretty busy then also, I welcome change.  :)

Last week, I celebrated the birthday of my beloved Korean sister.  I was almost raised by her for seven years but I haven't been seeing her recently.  So, it's nice to get to surprise her. ^_^

Check out those bags!  You can put nickels in them...

Peace out!
Then the following day, my sisters and I tried a new restaurant, En Japanese Restaurant in Tumon.  The food was delicious!  I'm not too much into sushi (because the rice feels so heavy) but En's made me rethink that a bit.

Beautiful paintings!

The restaurant even had quotable quotes hanging on the walls.

This was Sunday:
Ready for church.

Another letter to my dear Syuzi.  I'd like to introduce her to you one of these days.

My holographic nail polishes finally came in.  I will take a photo later.
It was pretty excessive of me to purchase them.
Lastly, dinner tonight: Carmen's Cha-Cha-Cha in Hagatna!
Mole sauce is definitely BOSS!  :9
Until next time, everyone!
Thank you so much again for reading along!  :)

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