Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara Waterproof Review

I've been on a diligent search of a great mascara since I did not like Sguard Rock On Mascara and most likely will not repurchase it.  :(

During my trip to Japan, I picked this one up.  I've read some really good reviews about Fairydrops and decided that I got to check out all these ravings for myself.

Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara Waterproof Review

What it claims: 
Fairy Drops Volume Mascara Waterproof contains Volume Up Powder, Wax, and Fiber to make "Volume Burst" in one coat.  Strong against humidity, it makes a strong curl.  As it is waterproof, sweat-proof, and tear-proof, it is good for marine sports.  You need not to worry about mess and smudge.
US and Japan patented Fairy Drops (Straight) catches even tiny lashes from their roots.  Lashes are bitten between the balls and sharp triangular bunches are made.  It pushes up making beautiful curls without clump.*

  What in the world did I just type?  Hahahaha!  XD  I'm sorry...  I was only copying the description given by because I can't really read what's on the packaging.  Seems to me, something was lost in translation?

4/5 Fairy Drops' is a thick, clay-like formula with fiber bits.  It dries quickly, is lightweight, and does not smudge.  Does clump, though.  :S

Ease of Removal:
2/5  Warm water and make-up remover does not easily remove this mascara. :(  It can be painful to tug on your lashes in order to get rid of every bit of the residue of the formula.

4/5  Significantly adheres to and thickens individual lash well.  However, the lashes will look separated and unnatural, rather than fuller, due to what the brush does to them.

5/5  Great lengthening!  The fibers really help with this.

Tenacity/Lasting Power:
5/5  It is definitely long lasting!  It is waterproof, sweat-proof, and tear-proof, and proves to last the whole day.  However, this may be why it's hard to remove.

5/5  The brush design is ingenious!  Those "balls" do get into the tightest corners and cover every lash.  There is no real trick to it, which I like.  It simply does its job to thicken, separate, and lengthen your lashes without making you try and figure out the intent of the brush, like what SGuard did to me. :(

Other concerns:
  Build-ability is good and would not take so much of your patience and time.  Actually, you only need one coat for your everyday look.  I don't curl my lashes because they are already curly, but other reviews claim it holds curls well.  Another thing to consider is that this mascara does flake... You may end up with fibers in your eye, which can actually hurt.
  I would buy it again if it's available and would recommend it to you.  The quality is great so it will be pricey.  By the way, did you know that the Fairy Drop brand is sold by Sephora now, too?  It's quality is recognized internationally, I presume.  ^___^  Overall: 4/5

Please pardon my photos.  I just came from work and wanted to get this review done as soon as I could.  So, I may not be the chiyo-est duckling out there.  ^^;;

Cute, artsy design

Notice the fibers- totally helps with lengthening!

Bottom: R: With  L: Without
(I'm doing the real depiction of my eyes, ok?  I know my left from my right.  :)  I
have a pale discoloration on my right eye.)

After work and still hanging around!  ^___^

I plan on sleeping early tonight.
Good night, everyone!

Fairy Drops


  1. wow the result is better than my platinum mascara :o maybe i should try this one later.. thanx for the review Ruth :)